I laugh and shake my head, remembering how I couldn’t last a full three minutes last night. Not any of the times I fucked my wife. Miles and I would swear on a stack of bibles that her cunt gets a little tighter every year. It might make us cavemen, but our sweet wife and her wonder pussy are one of the reasons we’ve chosen to live in the wilderness. We don’t trust men anywhere near her.

She’s ours. Mind, body and soul.

That’s the way it’s going to stay.

I’m determined to last longer tonight, so I reach down and fist my cock, intending to clear the pipes before I head home. I picture Cassie’s quivering, pink pussy, so bare and tight, and in no time, I’m beating off hard, my cock turning purple in my hand from the pressure I have to apply to make it anywhere near as tight as my girl’s fuck hole.

“Mmmm.” I bite down my my lip. “Good girl, Cassie, baby. Ride it right.”

A feminine giggle makes me pause, even though it hurts. I’m so close to coming just from picturing my wife that when I open my eyes, I wonder if I’m imagining her there. But no, it’s her. In real life. She’s in a flimsy, baby blue slip—the same shade as her eyes—and it’s drenched from wading through the water.

“The boys are down for a nap,” Cassie murmurs, climbing out onto the grassy bank and kneeling down in front of me, the translucent silk molded to her high tits. Her black choker is now braided together with a red one from me, plus a white one to represent her pure heart. “You rang?”

Behind her in the distance is Miles, hot on her trail with a shotgun over his shoulder as always. I nod at him, he nods back and I refocus on Cassie, my beautiful Cassie. Surrounded in sunshine, she’s so goddamn gorgeous it hurts and I have to start jacking my cock again, choked sounds escaping my lips.

Cassie regards me curiously, tucking a long strand of blonde hair behind her ear. “You didn’t want to wait until tonight?”

“I thought I could go longer if I take the edge off,” I push through my teeth.

“How many times have we tried that, man?” Miles asks, coming to stand above us. “It never works.” He carefully lays his shotgun down in the grass and kneels down behind Cassie, between my outstretched ankles. “One she starts milking us, there’s no lasting. It’s like her body craves the come and does whatever it takes to get it.”

Miles wraps a hand around the back of Cassie’s neck, making her lips pop open, her eyes grow dazed. In the space of a moment, this girl can transform from goddess, mother, wife…to fuck toy, and she does it now, letting Miles guide her down over my straining cock.

“Look at the pain you’ve put him in. Suck him off, little girl.” With a grunt, Miles unzips his jeans and removes his own hard dick, smacking it against the curve of her ass. “But don’t forget to bend over nice and low for Daddy. He wants some, too.”

Her warm mouth wraps around me and I toss my head back with a groan, my heels digging into the earth. Fuck, what she does to me. It’s torture. It’s heaven.

It’s filthy. So filthy watching Miles fuck her from behind, banging the tits right out of her wet slip, making her moan and whimper around my cock. She calls for Daddy and I’d be lying if the fantasies that single word conjures don’t get me off. Sometimes I play the butcher come calling to collect an overdue tab, but Miles has no money to pay, so he lets me fuck Cassie in the back room of our cabin as payment. Other times, I pretend to be Cassie’s boyfriend, over at the house to study. Daddy comes in and catches her…and can’t help but joining in.

There’s a bottomless treasure trove of fantasies, and if we had until the end of time, we wouldn’t be able to enact them all.

But most of the time, there is no greater fantasy than us. Just us.

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