And we revel in each other now, Cassie smiling up at me with her eyes as she sucks me toward orgasm, Miles’s expression one of pure ownership as he rides Cassie’s pussy from behind. There’s something about the three-way eye contact that does us in every time, as if the acknowledgment of what we have is orgasmic in itself. This time is no exception.

Cassie comes first, as always, her petite body trembling, her screams vibrating down the stalk of my shaft. Burning me, ending me. I lose the ability to think straight, just upthrusting into her perfect mouth, purging myself of the semen in my balls. Then Miles. He falls atop Cassie, pressing his chest to her back and gritting his teeth. Giving her one. Hard. Pump. After. The other.

Cursing and shaking through his climax.

We all fall panting into the grass, beneath the sky of our paradise.

Cassie’s left hand reaches out, her fingers lacing with mine. Her other one entwines with Miles’s. She squeezes us both and we all communicate our utter contentment with a sigh.

“I love you both. My men.”

“We love you, too, Cassie. Our girl. Forever.”


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