Her tits are high, round globes, tipped with nipples the color of her blushing cheeks, the ends of her long blonde hair brushing those perky points. Her hands flutter around her hips nervously, as if they weren’t sculpted by God himself, curved and smooth and glowing like the rest of her, connecting to lithe thighs I’ve imagined locked around my head and hips countless times.

Don’t look at her pussy.

Jesus help me. Don’t look.

I never stand a chance.

“Fucking Christ,” I breathe, my knees dipping. “Look at that sweet little cunt.”

It’s a smooth, succulent mound that could fit right into my palm, a shallow valley running up the center. So shallow that the pink hood hiding her clitoris peeks out at me, shyly letting me know it would be so easy to play with. Letting me know if I was a man with no honor, Cassie’s virgin bounty would be mine for the taking.

And ah, fuck. I want so badly to take.

I want to feel her hymen pop, hear her gasp in response. Comfort her through the pain. Talk her through our first time. Ride her harder, harder, harder until I can’t tell where one of my thrusts finishes and the next one starts.

“Say something,” she whispers, trailing her fingers up her rib cage. “Please?”

“Cassie…” I drag a hand down my face. “There’s nothing and no one in this world even half as magnificent as you. You’re an angel. Like nothing I could have imagined. But I can’t do it. I can’t take what you’re offering.”

Her lids flutter. “You can’t. But…you want to?”

“Want to?” I reach down and adjust the steel behind my fly, frustration making my tongue loose. “Little girl, if you weren’t my employer’s daughter and half my goddamn age, I’d already have you crammed full of dick where you stand.”

Cassie’s lips pop open and she falls back a step.

I curse. “I shouldn’t have said that. I’m sorry.”

“I’m not. I was just…shocked.” She twines a strand of blonde hair around her finger, mesmerizing me. “I’ve never heard you talk that way.”

My swallow is heavy. “I’d kill a man for speaking like that to you.”

“I know,” she whispers, stepping closer.

For the life of me, I can’t move away. I can only stand there and let Cassie press that sweet, too-young body up against mine, flattening her luscious tits on my abdomen. Her palms rake up my chest and settle on my shoulders and it takes all of my self-restraint not to wrap her legs around my hips and go for broke bouncing her up and down on this aching cock until I come.

“Don’t tempt me like this,” I growl, curling my shaking hands into fists. “I’ve been trusted with your protection, but there is no one to protect you from me. You hear? I am not your innocent schoolgirl crush.” I press my hot mouth to her temple. “I would need to own you in ways you don’t understand, Cassie. That choker is only the beginning.”

Her nipples turn to such tight spikes, I can feel them through my shirt and it does nothing to bolster my willpower. “Tell me everything, Miles,” she says, coaxingly. “I can decide for myself.”

“No.” I take her shoulders in my hands, intending to push her away from me, but I end up crushing her closer, instead, inhaling her magnolia scent like a fiend. “I won’t confess my depravities to you. You’d never look at me the same way again and I couldn’t bear that.”

“You don’t know how I look at you. You have no idea.” She tilts her head back, slaying me with her baby blue eyes. “I thought…I thought you’d at least give me my first kiss. I’ve always imagined having it with you.”

Goddamn, that mouth is so inviting. “Cassie…”


Her breathy plea is my undoing. My control withers away. I can feel myself being sentenced to hell as I lean down and brush my hard, damaged lips across the sweetest pair ever created. A groan fires up from deep inside of me. Even better than I dreamed. She’s soft and supple and delicious. She waits for me to teach her, eyelids heavy, mouth parted. Ordering myself to go slow, I lick into her mouth and she whimpers, going up on her toes, plastering that virginal body against mine, slipping her smaller tongue out to tease mine hesitantly—and I feel that stroke of her tongue deep in my cock.


You’ve always been mine.

If I continue to kiss her, I’ll be riding her untouched pussy within minutes.

Nothing will stop me.

I’ll have ruined this girl—and sentenced her to a life of dealing with my over-the-top fascination with her. Because I would never let Cassie go once I’ve had her. Never. So I have to resist the urge to take her at all costs. I’m not going to betray her father and sentence her to a life with my obsession in one fell swoop.

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