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“I’m coming!” she mewls helplessly, arching her back up and down with my finger deep in her ass. I lick her deep inside her cunt as she spasms, and feel her contract hard around my tongue. Carrie falls forward onto her front, her giant tits crushed beneath her while gasping.

But there’s no rest for the weary.

“Oh, you’re not done yet sweetheart,” I growl, and I pull her back up by the waist onto all fours, my cock resting between her big ass cheeks. I reach down and grope the fullness of one of her tits, tweaking a nipple. She moans and arches her back in response, offering herself to me.

“More,” she breathes. This is my cue. I don’t even hold my cock with my hand, I simply grab her wide hips, and press the angry purple head against her sopping opening, the folds still contracting from orgasm. And I push myself into her, hard. I grunt at the sudden tightness of her twat; even though I’ve just had her gushing, the walls of her cunt are clutching and squeezing every inch of my shaft. Aw, fuck.

“Did you like what I did to your ass?” I growl, as I push deep and strong, making her moan and spread her legs even wider.

“Yes, Conor,” she gasps. Hearing her say that brings me closer to the edge, and I screw my thumb into her ass as I keep thrusting, faster and faster.

“Oh god, what are you doing to me?” she gasps. “You’re gonna make me cum again! Keep going!” I dig my thumb deeper into her hole as I ram my cock in and out of her tight pussy. I can see her huge tits swaying with the motion and push down on her back so she’s pressed against the mattress. Her tits are crushed beneath her, spilling out onto the sides. This image, along with the delicious tightness around my cock, are too much. Oh shit. I’m about ready to go over the edge.

“Sweetheart, you’re so tight. How are you so small?” I rasp.

I fuck her harder, watching those wide hips with building lust, her giant butt cheeks vibrating with each pummel. And suddenly, it happens. Carrie cries out while clutching at the bed sheets, coming on my cock and squeezing it even tighter as her orgasm rips through her wetness. The spasms of her folds around my cock send me over the edge and I release as well, squirting hard inside her. My balls are so tight and high up against my cock as I cum that I don’t even feel them smacking against her ass cheeks.

Oh shit. I’m in such a delicious reverie as I fill her up that I’ve collapsed onto the sweet girl, the rough material of my shirt rubbing against the bare skin of her back. My hand is on her scalp, fingers twining themselves into her soft curls. Out of breath, I pull her head back, the delicate curve of her neck revealed.

“Do you want more?” I rasp against the silky skin on her throat. I honestly don’t even need to think about getting hard again – the way she looks at me, hungering for another round, keeps me solid as rock.

“Yes,” Carrie whispers, and, eager, I start moving inside her again, making our mingled juices run down her thighs.

“I wouldn’t pull out if I could,” I groan, pulling her back so that not an inch separates us. Fuck, I’m in so deep that it’s incredible. “You’re so tight, Carrie, it’s like my cock is being kept hostage,” I whisper, squeezing her nipple. She gasps in pleasure and writhes beneath me.

“You’re still so hard,” she moans in reply, lifting that perfect profile and arching her back to let me in deeper. I move faster, pushing insistently, spreading her ass cheeks with the movement.

“It’s you,” I growl, pulling her head back further and now releasing her nipple to use my hand to press down against the small of her back. She arches in pleasure as I thrust, and I feel my balls smack forward with the movement, grazing her clitoris.

“Oh… YES!” she cries, fucking into the rhythm.

This time there is no fondling, no use of my thumb in her ass to bring her closer. After all, there is no need. Her hair is entwined in my fist, her head pulled back, exposing the length of her throat, her front pressed to the bed by my hand, with only her vibrating ass up against my pelvis. Carrie’s moaning as I ride her closer and closer to her third orgasm.

“Tell me again,” I grunt, pulling her locks, forcing the answer out of her.

“My pussy’s yours,” she mewls helplessly, eyes closed. And the admission brings me back to the brink of coming. Grunting in pleasure, I’m riding her hard and fast now, my balls smacking rhythmically against her clit, making her moan like an animal. And just when I can’t take it anymore, I release the pressure on her back, and bring my open hand down on her ass cheek, hard. Again and again, the louds smacks ring out in the cavernous bedroom.