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“Yes!” she screams, as I feel her cunt clench up with release. “Yes, yes!” The unrestrained response forces me over the cliff, and I shove my hips forward with a groan.

“Oh FUCK!” is my grunt as my cock is held tight in a spasm of her pulsing cunt. I grunt again, falling full on top of her, and with both my hands on her huge ass, I thrust hard and strong, unloading myself without restraint into this goddess. Hot jets of sperm fill her as the girl moans, accepting my virility with her pussy.

Later, I watch the taxi pull out of my driveway and the taillights disappear down the street. I didn’t ask her to stay over, but I didn’t have to; Carrie mentioned an important event she needs to attend tomorrow. Nor did I ask for her number, her last name, or anything personal. But the girl didn’t seem to mind, shyly saying goodbye.

After all, it’s better this way. She understands her place, and I understand mine. I’ve gotten what I wanted, and hopefully fucked her right out of my system. There will be no more sex club visits, no more searching for that perfect woman who can satisfy me. Because now that I’m satiated, I can move on with my life. I’ll call Clarissa, that bitch my dad wants me to date, and schedule a time to meet. It’ll be painful, especially since Clarissa doesn’t hold a candle to my gorgeous brunette, but totally necessary. After all, life has to move on. We can’t stay in dreamland forever.

Of course, you could continue on the sly, the voice in my head whispers. You could continue to see Carrie and enjoy everything about her. But it’s not right. Such a sweet, giving girl doesn’t belong in my life. After all, I’m an asshole through and through, and the brunette’s an innocent. She deserves a loving husband, a passel of kids, and a house with a white picket fence out front. Not some dude she met at a dirty sex club who took her virginity within minutes of meeting.

So resolutely, I turn away. Carrie deserves someone better than me. An honorable man who’ll give her a ring and dote on her night and day. As for me? Grimly, I stare out the window. My future’s bleak, but then again, I was never here for personal happiness. I was groomed to run an empire, and unfortunately … sweet, giving girls have no place in my life.

Chapter Seven


So much for beauty sleep. Sitting in at my vanity table I stare at my reflection, frustration visible in the dark circles around my eyes. I hate not getting a good night’s sleep. I guess it’s just as well that Conor didn’t ask for my phone number because if all he causes is sleepless nights, then we’re definitely not meant to be together.

And yet what happened felt so good. I replay every delicious thing he did to me in my head and moan again involuntarily, writhing a bit on the chair. Oooh, my pussy’s sore, not to mention my bottom. The rim’s probably slightly red and chafed because of what the alpha did to me last night.

But as I stare into the mirror, my thoughts whirl. This summer is proving to be a confusing and derailing time for who I thought I was, and where I thought I was headed. I find myself almost looking forward to going back to college in the fall, so I can go back studying and getting straight A’s. Graduation’s just around the corner, and then I’ll be able to start my career like I planned. No more Conor. No more secret sex clubs. No matter how much Roxy begs, I’m not going back to that suburban house in Riverbend.

Determined to leave it all behind, I focus on making myself look a little more lively. I’m putting some finishing touches to my make-up when there’s a knock on the door.

“Leaving in five, Carrie! You ready?” comes Mom’s muffled voice as she walks down the hallway. I sigh at my reflection. It’ll have to do. I doubt Mom’s fiancée or his kid will care much what I look like, anyway. I just need to make it through this lunch, and then I can come back, get in my pyjamas, and enjoy a nice indulgent helping of ice cream while watching a girly movie. That’ll get me back to feeling like myself.

So I call downstairs, “Be just a sec.” And sure enough, we’re ready to go in five minutes. The drive is uneventful, but suddenly my mom’s voice interrupts.


We’re pulling up outside the restaurant, and I realize with a jolt that Elaine’s been talking the last couple minutes. I’ve been so caught up in my own thoughts that I didn’t hear a word she’s been saying. Thoughts about Conor. Just what I told myself I wouldn’t think about.

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