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“Are you okay, sweetie?” asks Elaine, her expression concerned, as she parks the car.

“Of course! Sorry, I’m just a bit tired,” I yawn. My mom smiles good-naturedly.

“It’s good to see you going out every weekend. I’m glad you and Roxy still find fun things to do around here in sleepy old Riverbend. I was worried you’d be bored this summer,” she confides with a smile. I cringe internally. If Elaine knew what kind of fun I’ve been having, she’d probably curl up and die before shriveling into a tiny pea.

So I throw her a weak smile.

“Yeah, Riverbend’s not bad.”

But Mom’s not listening.

“Thanks for picking this restaurant, sweetie,” Elaine says excitedly, squeezing my hand.

Apple Orchard is no place special but I try to smile radiantly.

“Of course, Mom! I know how much you love this restaurant, so it was no trouble. We should go somewhere amazing for this special occasion anyways.” Actually, I’ve been dreading this meeting but I hide it from her.

“I guess I’m just glad you still care enough to make an effort,” Elaine says with a hint of seriousness in her voice.

“What do you mean?” comes my hesitant voice. Elaine’s brow puckers as she takes a deep breath.

“Well, this being my fourth husband and all, I wouldn’t have blamed you if you hadn’t taken it very seriously.”

I smile at her, and I mean it when I say, “Your happiness is important, mom. Even if this was your tenth husband, I’d still care.”

That makes her laugh, and she kisses me on the cheek.

“Thank you sweetie. I knew I could count on you.”

And as we approach the table I booked, I sense Mom tensing with excitement.

“They’re here already!” she whispers. I glance over and see a handsome man in his fifties with piercing blue eyes, a neatly trimmed beard, and black hair streaked with gray. He hasn’t spotted us yet. Next to him, with his back towards us, is a tall man with the same black hair, the shoulders of his crisp suit rising just above his father’s.

“When you said “kid,” Mom, I thought Henry’s son would be maybe thirteen or so,” I whisper to my mom. “That is clearly not a kid.”

“Oh, Conor’s just a kid,” Mom whispers back. “You’re all kids to us.”

But at the mention of his name, my knees turn to jelly so fast I stop walking. Conor? What in the world? It must be a coincidence. Has to be. But Elaine hasn’t noticed that I stopped in my tracks. Instead, she’s launched herself at the table with sincere excitement where her fiancé has stood to meet her. Nailed to the spot, I watch them kiss, and then Henry’s “kid” rises and they shake hands, his back still toward me. Finally, noticing I’m missing, Mom glances over and beckons me over with a smile. This causes the “kid” to turn around and my fear is confirmed.

It’s Conor from the sex club! Holy smokes! What do I do now?

Recognition flashes in his eyes when he sees me, but then it’s gone and his face returns to neutral. The handsome man smiles confidently at me, holding out his hand.

“You must be Carrie,” he says, and I have no choice but to force my legs of jelly to walk over and shake it. “Nice to meet you,” he continues. I’m unable to utter a single word, so I just force myself to smile as our hands touch. My brain can’t compute what’s happening. Conor holds my hand a moment longer than is necessary, his blue eyes boring into mine. Oh god, what do I do now?

But fortunately, nothing’s necessary.

“Carrie?” my mother giggles, breaking the spell. “Don’t just stand there. Come meet Henry. Henry, my daughter Carrie.” I realize I’ve been gawking openmouthed at Conor, and force myself to tear away and inch my way around the table to shake Henry’s hand.

“It’s so nice to meet you, Carrie. I’ve heard so much about you,” he says pleasantly. If his father is anything to go by, Conor will age very handsomely indeed. Somewhere, in the part of my brain that’s still functioning, I note that it’s easy to see why mom fell for Henry. So I try to act smooth, but unfortunately, the words come out garbled.

“You’re my mother’s best-looking fiancé yet!”

Oh shit. I immediately wish I’d never been born. Luckily everyone seems to think it’s hilarious.

“Thank you Carrie, that means a lot,” laughs Henry, and red in the face, I sit down in a free seat, unfortunately placed next to Conor. With Mom on my left, and Henry across from me, I let the pleasant chit chat fade into the background as I sneak a glance at Conor on my right.

He’s not looking at me, instead following something Mom is saying. I watch his lips in their perfect smile, and recall them on my cunt, his tongue rolling over my clitoris. I swallow as I take in his hands, the same hands that less than twelve hours ago held me down as he fucked me into orgasm, once, twice, and then three times. The hand that spanked me and made me cum harder than I thought was possible. The fingers he pushed into my ass, before pushing his cock into that same place, while unlocking a forbidden pleasure that has had me sleepless. I recall how they made my cunt clench so tight with the pleasure of this unnamable act. I come out of my rapture as the waiter, who apparently has taken everyone’s order but mine, asks me what I would like.

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