Page 2 of Small Town Secrets

As I look around, my jaw drops. Because every window of the house has been shaded with thick, black plastic, not letting the purple and red atmospheric lights escape into the outside world. The normal, safe world. The furniture is that of a regular living room, but on every couch, chair, table, even on rugs lined with pillows, are writhing bodies. Men and women, in different stages of undress, many of them naked or wearing kinky outfits, are having sex. Or some version of sex at least. One involuntary glance at the armchair next to me gives me just enough time to see a huge, pulsing cock disappear to the base into a woman’s pouting mouth and I quickly yank my eyes away and stare in shock at Roxy, who’s standing next to me, still holding my hand.

“What the hell is this place?” I hiss at her. Roxy’s eyes are on the couple in the armchair too. She trembles with excitement as she lets her gaze travel across the room. Her eyes are full of lust, her lips parted.

“Heaven, Carrie,” her voice seems to have dropped several octaves, now even huskier than usual. “Or at least it can be, if you find the right person to get you there,” she adds.

“Heaven?!” I hiss again, yanking her urgently closer to my side. “Get me out of here!”

“Told you it wasn’t lame,” winks my friend knowingly.

“That’s an understatement!”

“Surprise! Don’t you like it?”

“Did you really think I would? Don’t you know me?” I plead.

Roxy peels her eyes away from the crowd, and faces me, taking my hands in hers.

“Yes. I do know you. That’s precisely why I’ve brought you here. It’ll do you good. Don’t you trust me?”

Speechless, I stare up at her blue eyes, and know I do.

“Come on. Let’s get a drink. It’ll help you relax.” And she’s off, her long legs sidestepping the armchair where the woman is still sucking that huge cock with great expertise. And by the growls coming from the man, she’s almost done with her task. I hurriedly scamper after Roxy and find her in the open kitchen area, mixing drinks.

She hands me a shot. “Start with this.” I gratefully accept it, and knock it back immediately, feeling the warmth of the alcohol spreading through my body. I feel the bass of the music matching my heartbeat.

“Another,” I whisper urgently. Roxy diligently obeys, and I knock back a second shot as she joins me. My blonde friend turns around and holding her drink, stands leaning against the kitchen island. I breathe out slowly. Maybe it’s time to really step outside my comfort zone. Feeling a bit braver from the liquid courage, I mimic Roxy’s pose, trying to appear relaxed. Together we look out over the living room, my heartbeat quickening.

On a coffee table only a foot or so in front of us is a naked woman about our age, lying spreadeagle on her back, her eyes closed in ecstasy. A man is crouched between her legs, licking her cunt in ways I’d never thought of; long licks from her crack to her clitoris, then twirling his tongue around it, making the woman moan. His cock is hard in his hand as he strokes it faster and faster. At each side of the woman are two other naked women, sucking on a nipple each, while squeezing the firmness of them.

With a shock, I realize I can feel my own cunt getting wet. This isn’t me at all. How can I feel aroused from this kind of stuff?

“How often have you been here?” I whisper in Roxy’s ear, my own voice now husky.

“A few times,” my friend swallows. “The first time I was like you. But soon I realized I can relax. Here, I can be free and really find myself.”

A man without a shirt, but his cock sticking out of his jeans, strides over to where the woman’s head is hanging off the coffee table and crouches down. The female’s mouth opens wide, her moan of pleasure stifled by the man’s cock as he slides it down her throat. As he holds her head and fucks in and out of her mouth, the woman tenses up, writhing in pleasure, as the man licking her cunt goes faster and faster. She tenses up, moaning onto the cock going in and out of her mouth, and then convulses hard before squirting all over his chest. In shock, I turn to Roxy, who is watching in fascination while rubbing one of her nipples through her dress.

“What the hell was that?!” I hiss. “Did she pee on him?”

Roxy laughs sweetly and turns to me.

“No baby. That was an ejaculation. A female ejaculation.” I stare at her, my mouth hanging open.

“I had no idea that was possible.”

“There’s lots here you didn’t know was possible,” she grins.