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Conor glares at me as he heaves me up onto the chair beside him. The alpha’s panting through clenched teeth, his eyes ablaze with lust, those strong fingers still entangled in my curls.

“All’s fair in love and war,” I say coquettishly while batting my lashes. “Tit for tat.”

“Fair is fair,” he growls, and crushes his lips against mine, his tongue licking mine in hunger as his fingers find their way to my panties.

“Fuck you’re wet,” he groans into my mouth. “We better find somewhere more private. I’m done getting caught in the act,” he says, panting with arousal. I nod eagerly, my insides juicing hotly. And discreetly pulling his giant erection away from my small hand, he’s on the phone to a nearby hotel.

Frankly, I can’t wait. Because this time, Conor and I will be consummating our love honestly and in the open, as two people who have declared their adoration for another. And I’ve heard that love mixed with sex is combustible. So as he growls into the receiver, I stroke his shaft through his pants once more.

“You’re mine, lover boy,” is my soft mewl, and as those blue eyes flare, I know that I’m belong to him as well.

Chapter Fifteen


The ride to the hotel is only a couple of blocks away, but it takes all my willpower not to grab her by her hair and push that beautiful, soft mouth over my cock as I drive. All the while, I hear Carrie giggling excitedly next to me. She knows what she does to me and loves it.

“Just wait till we get there,” I warn teasingly. “I’ll get you back for this!”

The brunette laughs and with slow fingers, lowers the neckline of her top until her nipples pop out. Seeing her milky tits jiggle with the movements of the car almost causes me to crash it. My cock throbs painfully in my pants and I’m leaking for her. Shit, the pre-cum’s like a fucking river already, lubing my shaft in wetness.

As soon as we enter the hotel room, I’m licking at her lips, but she pulls away, smiling coyly.

“How about I finish what I started?” she purrs, and she’s on her knees, releasing my aching, leaking cock from my zipper. I moan as she starts sucking it, her tongue running up and down as she goes. She must have gotten pointers from a porn star.

“This won’t take long, baby, not when you’re this good,” I groan, and my hands are in her hair, pulling her face closer so my cock slides down her throat to the hilt. She doesn’t even gag, and lets me thrust faster, closing her eyes as I fuck her soft mouth. I notice she’s rubbing one of her nipples, and the thought that this is making her hot brings me to the edge. I moan as my cock convulses with her lips up against my pubic hair, and I squirt my load deep into her throat. Carrie doesn’t even squirm, instead swallowing every drop of that virile jism.

“Holy shit!” I wheeze, gasping for air. “Fuck!” And pulling out of her pouting mouth, I fall forward onto the bed behind her. “That was mind-blowing!”

She stands up and faces me, licking her lips deviously as she starts undressing. My cock doesn’t even have the time to soften before it goes hard again at the sight of her huge tits swaying with her movements. Her doe-eyes are misty with lust as she walks my way, wide hips swinging.

“I’ve always wanted to suck your cock properly. I never got a chance to do that our first time,” she mewls.

“That was because I was desperate to fuck that tight pussy of yours. Same way I am now,” I grunt, grasping her tits in my hands and pressing my face into them. I lick one of her nipples, making her moan.

“I love the way you do that,” she gasps, and I roll onto her, pinning that soft, goddess body under my huge frame.

“This is all I want, Carrie,” I groan. “You, like this,” and my cock throbs when I feel her wetness against it. She smiles and a gush of warm juice from her cunt hits my thigh.

“My pussy’s yours,” she whispers, and it makes me growl with pleasure. “It has been from the moment you took my virginity, and it always will be,” she adds. This is too much for me. With a growl so animalistic it almost surprises me, I wrench her thighs apart, pushing the head of my cock into her wet opening. She gasps when I have to push harder, forcing myself into the slippery tightness of her cunt. I vaguely wonder whether my cock is simply too large for her, but judging by the moaning coming from the goddess under me, I am able to quickly dispel this thought.