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Her lips part again in that agonizing, sensual way, and she looks at me, lust growing in her eyes.

“I don’t even know your name,” is her hesitant reply.

“It’s Conor,” I manage.

“I’m Carrie,” and the way she tucks a stray curl behind her ear as she says it is so damn sexy I can’t contain myself anymore. I need her … and she’s going to be mine.

Chapter Three


God, the way he’s standing in front of me, tense and breathing hard like a caged animal makes me melt inside. I want him so badly I can feel my cunt clench in anticipation. There I had been, only a few moments ago, ready to go wait for Roxy in the car while she was getting “fucked into heaven” as she called it, by an intimidating athletic type. I was so aware of my “jiggly” body around all those good-looking people, I had to get out of there. And then this six foot three inch hunk of pure godliness showed up. My knight in shining armor. The hottest guy I’ve ever seen, and definitely the hottest guy to ever want me.

I gaze up at him in this small space, his jet-black hair hanging loosely over his piercing blue eyes, keeping me pinned under his gaze. His square jaw clenches in lust, making the muscles under his day-old stubble move. I’m just trying to decide whether or not I should tell him I’m a virgin, when he suddenly lunges forward, one arm slipping around my waist, his spade-like hand in my neck as he crushes me up against him. Panting, I stare up at him, breathing heavily, and then his lips are on mine. He kisses me so deeply, my knees buckle. Luckily, Conor’s holding me up against him and it makes no difference. His tongue is against mine, and it sends me over the edge. I’m under his control.

The huge man lowers himself onto the edge of the desk, yanking me up against him. Now he’s seated and we’re on more equal level. That perfectly-sculpted mouth breaks loose from mine to find its way down my neck and onto my tits. Kissing and licking at my cleavage, he gropes at them gently, making me moan.

“Oh my god, Carrie,” he growls against my skin. “Your tits are delicious. I need to see them.”

He reaches around the back of my dress and unzips it in a nano second, freeing my DD cups from the confines of the dress. Then his hands are cupping the creamy sacks as he licks at my nipples. Zings of sensation run straight from my tits to my cunt, making my pussy clench spasmodically. If my panties weren’t soaked yet, they are now. I moan and run my hands through his hair, pressing his head against my flesh.

Suddenly I need to see his cock. I need to feel it in my hand, my mouth, and my cunt. Is this the night I lose my virginity? To this god of a man? I can’t believe it. Somewhere in the back of my mind is the thought that I should tell him this is my first time, but it’s pushed aside as I’m grappling with his belt and unzipping his jeans. Before I know it I’m on my knees, pulling out his cock, and I’m momentarily stunned.

“It’s enormous,” I gasp.

“It’s because of you,” he grins. “You do this to me.”

This is going to hurt. But the thought of this huge member in my cunt turns me wild, and I look up at him as I slowly lean down to lick the tip, tasting the salty bead of cum that’s already waiting for me. I’ve always wanted to try this, and my lips enclose the head of his cock in a slippery, sweet vacuum.

“Carrie, wait,” he pants, his fists full of my hair, and I can see him trying to resist slamming his cock into my throat right then and there. With a moan that’s nothing short of a roar he restrains himself, lifting me to my feet and throwing me down on the desk as he swipes the contents off it in one fell swoop. My panties are gone with a swift rrrip! and my pussy’s bare before those gleaming blue eyes.

“It’s your cunt I want. Your sweet cunt,” he growls, and he’s on his knees now, kissing my clit and sending a lightening bolt of pleasure through my body. Then his tongue is on me, licking down into my folds and up again, just like the man was doing to the woman on the coffee table.

“Oh god,” I moan. This has never happened to me before. I can feel my juices run down my thighs. How has he found that tender spot within so quickly? He’s licking at it, soft and hard at the same time, making my thighs tremble. “No, I’m gonna cum,” is my breathless gasp. “Stop.”