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Jake nudges his half-closed bedroom door open with his shoulder and although the room is dim, the only light coming from a door that is barely cracked leading to what I'm assuming is the master bath, I can see that it's similarly decorated to the rest of the condo. There is a huge, and I mean huge, black four poster bed against the far wall, two sleek, black dressers and a set of white bedside tables flanking the bed. On the floor is a white, fluffy rug that looks like it’s supposed to mimic an animal skin. The bedding looks like it's dark gray and white, although because of the low lighting, I can't be 100% sure.

Jake deposits me in the middle of his bed and then stands up and removes his shirt and my mouth almost falls open at the sight of his bare, male beauty. I have a second to drink him in before he is back on the bed with me, and then his hands are up my sweater, my arms are forced up and it's being pulled over my head. I hear it lightly hit the floor and then Jake pulls back and is looking down at me and even in the dim light, I can see that his eyes are dark with something that looks hungry. My heart jumps in my chest at the power of it.

"Help me out, Evie, I want to feel your skin on mine."

And oh yes, I want that too.

And so I sit up slightly, unhook my bra and pull the straps down my arms and drop it on the floor. This is the first time a man has seen me na**d and I feel self conscious for a second, but then the look of appreciation on Jake's face makes me relax.

He stares down at me for several long beats and then whispers, "Christ, even more beautiful than I imagined."

Then his mouth is on mine, his tongue in my mouth and his warm, hard chest against my br**sts, and my hands are gliding over his back and his h*ps are rolling against me and God, that feels amazing and so I whimper into his mouth, to which he moans back into mine.

And maybe I should slow this down because I'm a virgin and I don't know if Jake figured that out after I told him about my nonexistent dating life or not. But I think I should probably make sure that he's aware of that if this is going to go well.

He leans off me slightly as he kisses down my neck and one of his hands comes up and cups my breast from underneath and his thumb rubs over my nipple and I whimper, my h*ps bucking up and pressing into Jake's hardness. He growls low in his throat and then lowers his mouth to my nipple and sucks it into his mouth, and starts licking and sucking until I think I'm going to die with pleasure. He moves over to my other breast and now my hands are in his hair and I'm moaning because I didn't know anything could feel so good and I never, ever want him to stop.

I move one hand down his back again and my other hand moves down to explore the warm skin over the defined muscles of his stomach and he sucks in a breath, his mouth coming off my breast as he gazes at me. At the look of blatant lust on his face, I blurt out, "I'm a virgin."

He keeps gazing at me, and his eyes, impossibly, seem to warm even more. He's looking at me so intensely and I feel self conscious and so I whisper, "Is that okay?"

"In the history of the world, nothing has ever been more okay," he says and his voice sounds deep and warm and slightly husky.

Then his mouth is back on mine, licking, sucking, nipping and it feels greedy and demanding and I love it. I feel his hand on the zipper of my jeans and I lose his heat as he kneels up and takes my boots off and then pulls my jeans and panties down my legs. He tosses all of it on the floor and then he's back over me, kissing me again, and I feel one of his hands slide down between my legs, and gently push them apart. I shiver and he brings his head up and whispers, "Open for me," and I do as he says.

"I'm gonna make it easier for you to take me,” he says, and at his words I feel more wetness between my legs even though my panties are already soaked.

I feel one of his fingers press gently inside me and I tremble at the invasion even though it feels incredible. Then his thumb hits the spot and he begins moving it in slow circles and my head tilts back and I moan deep.

"God, you’re so beautiful. Is that good?" he asks, and his voice sounds strained.

"Yes," I pant out and now he's added another finger and he's moving them in and out of me as his thumb continues circling.

And it feels sensational.

My h*ps start lifting up to meet his hand and he starts moving his thumb faster and harder, his fingers continuing their deep thrusting.

Yes, yes, yes.

"Oh my God," I pant out and at this, Jake moans.

I arch my head all the way back into the pillow and for just a portion of a second, everything seems to freeze right before I tip over the edge and waves and waves of pleasure wash through me. I moan and cry out Jake's name and when I open my eyes, several seconds later, he is crawling back over me, only now he is naked. How'd I miss that?

He leans over me and opens the nightstand drawer and pulls out a condom and I watch spellbound as he rips it open with his teeth, leans back on his heels and rolls it over his, wow that's beautiful too, thick, hard shaft.

"Can I touch you, Jake? Will you show me how?" I whisper.

"Next time, baby. Hanging on by a thread here. If you touch me, we'll both be sorry."

Then his weight is on me again and he guides the tip of his c**k to my entrance and I automatically open my legs wider.

He kisses me again, his tongue thrusting deep, hinting at what is to follow. I shiver with anticipation.

"Wrap your legs around me," he growls. "Gonna do this fast to get the painful part over with, okay?"

"Okay," I whisper, and just like that, he drives inside me in one smooth thrust, as I cry out and the pain sears through me.

He's still for a minute and then he starts to move slowly and the pain subsides until I just feel deliciously full and stretched. He keeps moving very slowly in and out of me until my body relaxes around him.

"Baby, I gotta move faster. You ok?" He sounds strained.

"Yes," I whisper, and he starts thrusting in and out of me harder and faster and watching the look of bliss on his face is the most beautiful thing I think I've ever seen in my life, because I'm giving that to him.

His mouth comes to mine again and he starts thrusting his tongue into my mouth in time with the thrusting of his c**k and I like that.

Okay, no, I freaking love that.

I feel another fire building inside me and as his breathing becomes ragged, I tip over the edge again, crying out. He drives deep, once, twice and then again as he buries his face in the side of my neck and groans against me, circling his h*ps slowly as we both come down.

He lays still, buried inside me for a minute and I hold him close to me, stroking my fingernails up and down his arms. He starts nuzzling my neck and I feel his smile on my skin before his head comes up and his beautiful eyes are gazing into mine.

"You okay?" he whispers gently.

No, no I was not. I was more than okay. I was fabulous.

"Yeah," I whisper back and I sound breathy.

He pulls out of me and I mewl in protest at the loss and that makes Jake grin. "My Evie likes me inside of her," he says.

Yes, yes I do.

"Let me get rid of this condom and get something to clean you up with. Stay there.”

He sits up on the side of the bed, facing me and pulls on his boxers and t-shirt. Then he walks to the bathroom and I hear some water running before he comes back out with a wet washcloth. He sits back down on the side of the bed and says, "Open your legs and bend your knees," and I'm slightly embarrassed but I trust him and so I do as he says.

He cleans me with the warm cloth and I notice there's blood and that embarrasses me more but he doesn't make a big deal of it.

Then he's padding back to the bathroom and I hear water again as I quickly find my panties on the floor and pull them on. Jake walks back in the room with a glass of water which he offers me. I take long drinks and smile at him as I hand it back.

He puts the glass on the nightstand and he climbs into bed next to me and pulls my back against his hard chest as he nuzzles his face into my hair.

I turn in his arms so that I'm facing him and look into his handsome face, running my hand down the side of his cheek.

"You're mine now, Evie. Say it," he whispers.

My hand stills and I look him in the eyes. "I'm yours, Jake," I whisper back.

I think I see a flash of something that looks like pain in his eyes, but then he smiles that beautiful smile of his and kisses me gently.

"I've never experienced anything as beautiful as that," he says and I feel my heart fill up because I feel the same way. I press myself closer to his warm body and learn something else that's beautiful about Jake Madsen. He's a cuddler.


Evie is 13, Leo is 14

I'm sitting on the sofa in the front room of my foster home, when there's a knock on the door. My foster mom, Jodi, calls from the back family room, "Evie! Get the door!" and I stand up to answer it.

I note briefly that I'm wearing a really tight pair of jean shorts and a tank top with no bra and so I open the door just a crack and lean my head out. Standing there is Willow and Leo. I swing the door wide open, saying, "Hey! What are you guys doing here?"

"Is it okay if we come in?" Leo says, and I notice his eyes sweep my body quickly and he gets a tight look on his face. I realize that I'm not really dressed to receive guests but I didn't exactly expect any. I look at him questioningly and he moves his eyes to Willow in a quick gesture, telling me all that I need to know.

"Of course," I say, waving them in.

"Who is it?" Jodi yells.

"A couple friends!" I yell back. "They won't stay long." There's no answer from the back room, meaning Jodi has gone back to whatever television drivel she's involved in right now. She won't bother us.

Leo sits down on the smaller love seat and I guide Willow over to the couch where I was sitting. I sit down right next to her and move her blond hair out of her face. Her eyes are blood shot and she smells like pot.

"Willow," I prompt when she just continues to stare straight ahead, "What's going on, baby girl?"

She continues to look straight ahead but then her face crumples and she face plants into my chest. I freeze for a second but then I bring my hands up and stroke her hair, planting my lips on the top of her head and murmuring, "Shhh, it's ok, talk to me, Willow." I wait, but only get silence and the occasional sniffle.

"She showed up at my place stoned out of her mind," Leo says, his jaw clenching. I had to sneak her away from there. My foster parents would have called the cops if they'd seen her. They're not exactly the easygoing types.

"Do you know what happened?"

"Yeah, she was mumbling about a court date, her dad showed up and leered at her the entire time, apparently he's expressing some interest in getting her back even though he hasn't given a shit about her for the last three years. That was all I really got out of her about that. Then some so-called friends snuck her out of her house and got her stoned and drunk and dropped her off to walk home. She showed up at my place. Nice f**king friends."

"Leo!" I hiss, "Don't swear!" I cover Willow's ears.

He looks at me for several long second and then his face breaks out into a grin.

I look at him, shocked. "What are you grinning about?" I demand.

"You. You're so damned cute."

I snort. "Honestly, Leo? What is wrong with you? This is SERIOUS!"

He sobers his face, and says, "I know, Evie, believe me, if I knew who her friends are, I'd go teach them a lesson about giving drugs to twelve year olds and letting them walk home alone."

I continue stroking Willow's hair until I notice that she is snoring softly. I lay her back against the couch and grab the blanket on the end and cover her up with it. I watch her for a minute, chewing the inside of my mouth.

"Jodi's shows will be over in an hour. I'll need to get her out of here by then," I tell Leo.

He nods. "I think that will be long enough for her to sleep some of it off. Come on over here and sit by me so we don't wake her."

I move over to the loveseat and sit down next to Leo, scooting as far as I can to the edge.

Leo gets a small frown on his face, but he doesn't say anything. He's been acting differently towards me lately, both in school and whenever we get together, which is usually at least once a week. It's confusing. He goes silent a lot and gets this strange look on his face. I can't tell if he's mad at me or what. He rarely tells me he loves me anymore like he used to. But then he makes comments about how cute I am… boys are strange.

After a minute of silence, I bring my legs up to sit in the criss cross position and turn my body towards Leo. When I look at him, he is staring at my chest but he quickly snaps his eyes to mine when he realizes I'm watching him and his cheeks get flushed.

Oh God! He's embarrassed for me because he realizes that I totally need a bra. I'm not overly large but I'm big enough now that going braless is unacceptable. He must be grossed out. My own cheeks flush too and I grab a pillow that's fallen to the floor and hug it to me, averting my eyes.

After a minute of awkward silence, Leo says, "I saw you talking to Max Hayes at lunch today." He sounds mad again. What is going on with him?

"Um, yeah, we have homeroom together. He's nice."

He doesn't say anything for a minute or two and then, "I heard that he kissed Zoe Lucas AND Kendall Barnes last week. I'd prefer it if you didn't talk to him at all. He's a player."

I laugh. "Leo, I'm not interested in kissing ANYONE, so relax, okay? You don't have to play this big brother role forever. I know you've protected me a lot in school over the years and I appreciate that but Max Hayes is not a threat to me."