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He clenches his jaw again and moves his shaggy dark blonde hair out of his eyes and glares at me. "You wouldn't know a threat if it hit you between the eyes, Evie."

I narrow my eyes at him. Oh no, he didn't… really? And now I'm getting mad. "Oh, okay, LEO. I forgot that you're the worldly one and I've just been living in a protective glass case my whole life!" I hiss, glancing nervously at Willow to make sure that I haven't woken her. She lets out a snore and continues sleeping.

Leo glares back at me, "That's not what I meant," he says. "You just don't know how guys work. You have no idea what Max is thinking when he's 'just talking' to you."

"Oh really?" I say, leaning towards him. "And how do you know what Max is thinking, exactly?" I demand.

"Because I'm thinking the same thing!" he hisses back.

We stare at each other for several seconds before he closes his eyes and takes a deep breath and then says quietly, "What I mean is, I'm thinking similar things about other girls, so… that's how I know."

I stare at him, a strange tight feeling expanding through my chest. I don't let myself think about it. Instead, I nod and look away, saying, "Thanks for the heads up, Leo. I'll make sure that I don't' encourage Max, okay?"

He's silent for a minute and then, "I think Willow has probably slept enough. I'll sneak her into her house."

We both stand too quickly, almost colliding but he moves away first, going to Willow and shaking her slightly. She sits up, murmuring, "What's going on?"

Leo helps her up, saying, "Come on Willow, you're gonna lean on me and I'm gonna walk you home, okay?"

"Okay," she says, sounding a little more with it.

He guides her to the door, barely glances at me as I open it for them and then calls out quietly over his shoulder as they walk down the stairs, "See you at school tomorrow, Evie."


I wake slowly in the early hours of morning and feel a warm, hard body against my back and smile as I remember the night before. I slowly move out from under Jake's arm and make my way to the master bath to do my business. After I'm done, I crawl back in next to Jake, snuggling into him again. I turn towards him this time and watch his beautiful face for a few minutes, peaceful in sleep.

He cracks one eye open and smiles a sleepy smile at me. "Are you watching me sleep?" he asks, teasingly. "Who's the creeper now?"

I giggle and snuggle closer into his body heat and he wraps his arms around me.

We're still for a few minutes and then I let my hand roam downwards because his closeness has me buzzing again and I need to feel him. He moans as my hand hits his crotch and he's already hard so I rub him gently over his boxers, feeling him swell even more under my hand.

Suddenly I'm on my back and he's over me. "You want to play, beautiful?"

"Yes," I whisper.

"Do you feel a little sore or are you ok?"

I squeeze my legs together, wincing slightly. Okay, so I am sore. "Just a little," I admit.

"Well, there are other things…" he trails off.

"Yes," I whisper again.

Then he's kissing down my belly, licking my navel with the tip of his tongue. He drags my panties down my legs and tosses them aside and then dips his head down to kiss the inside of my thigh. I shiver in arousal as he buries his head between my legs and I automatically open to him. I feel him inhaling my scent and he growls, "I love you smelling like me."

His soft tongue circles my already swollen cl*t and my head presses harder into the pillow as I whimper.

Oh, yes.

Oh, God!

He begins licking and sucking gently, lapping at my swollen tissue with a steady, rhythmic suction until I feel my body quickening and I cry out as the orgasm pulses through me.

Jake's tongue thrusts into my sex as I convulse and I feel like I'm shattering into a million delicious pieces, my head thrashing back and forth on the pillow as I chant his name again and again.

He crawls back up the bed, kisses the side of my neck and then collapses next to me, pulling me into him and my hand goes under the bottom of his t-shirt to explore the ridges and dips of his stomach muscles.

And now it's my turn to explore.

I lean up and just like he removed my sweater last night, I scoot his shirt up his waist and then he reaches his arms up and sits up slightly as I pull it over his head and toss it on the floor.

He's looking at me with that beautiful, lazy look and his hair is messy from sleep and his beautiful, hard muscled chest is on display and for a minute all I can do is stare at him and drink in his perfection.

Then I lean over and put my mouth on his chest, kissing, tasting and licking my way down until I get to one hard nipple. I lick it and suck the tiny bud into my mouth like he did to mine last night. He groans and I smile against his chest, loving that I am bringing him pleasure.

My hand wanders back down his stomach and I lift my head to look at him.

"Teach me what you like," I whisper.

"Just put your hand on me. I just want you to touch me."

He leans up slightly and pulls his boxers down and I watch as his stomach muscles clench beautifully and his big, hard c**k springs free. Then he kicks the boxers off his feet to land on the floor next to the bed.

I lean up on one elbow and scoot down a little bit so that I can reach him and when I wrap my hand around his rock hard length, it jumps slightly in my hand. It feels like velvet over steel and I love the feel of it in my hand.

There is a small, wet drop at the tip of his shaft and so I take my thumb and rub it in slow circles to which he groans.

"Move your hand up and down, baby," he chokes out. "Like this," and then he puts his hand over mine and shows me. And the sight of his hand over mine on his big, hard erection sends little sparks between my legs even though I just had an orgasm less than five minutes ago.

I begin moving my hand, slowly at first and then faster, learning what he likes and responding to his breathing and his moans.

As my strokes become faster, I feel his c**k jump and swell in my hand. He chokes out, "Evie!" as long streams of white cum spurt over my hand.

"Oh Godddd!" he moans as he comes down, my hand slowing.

I keep watching his c**k as it slackens in my hand and then I look up at him, not able to contain the huge, proud grin. And it's ridiculous because it's not as if I've just performed brain surgery but there is something utterly thrilling about giving Jake an orgasm and I can't help feeling completely satisfied with myself.

I keep grinning my proud grin at him and he bursts out laughing and then reaches under my arms and hauls me up so that I'm lying on top of him and he's looking in my eyes. "You're a natural," he says grinning back at me.

I lay my head on his shoulder and nuzzle into his neck and we lay like this for long minutes until Jake says, "I'm gonna run a bath for you while I make breakfast. Then you're gonna spend the day with me."

"Hmmm… Bossy," I mutter, but I smile against his neck.

I stand up and start walking to the bathroom and when I glance behind me, shooting Jake a flirty look, he is looking at my na**d backside with a look of appreciation on his face as he's pulling his t-shirt and boxers back on. It's surprising to me that big, beautiful, perfect Jake Madsen seems to be a bit modest.


I soak in Jake’s jacuzzi tub until my skin is pruney and my body is flushed all over, then I dry off with one of his thick, luxurious towels and moisturize my skin with the lotion in my overnight bag that Jake brought into the bathroom for me.

I pull on my clothes, a pair of black, skinny jeans and a long sleeved, white, v-necked shirt with a gray sweater with ruffles on the lapels over that. I packed a pair of black, canvas sneakers but I stay barefoot for now.

I do light makeup and pull my hair back into a low, messy bun then follow the delicious smells of coffee and bacon into the kitchen.

Jake is standing at the stove but looks back over his shoulder as he hears me enter the room, giving me a big smile. “Omelette?” he asks, using a pair of tongs to remove bacon from a frying pan on the stove. He places the strips on a plate with a paper towel on it and sets it on the counter next to a plate of cut up cantaloupe.

I nod no, “Just coffee and fruit is plenty for me.”

“Okay, help yourself to coffee. Cups above the coffee maker. Milk in the fridge, sugar on the counter.”

He turns back to the stove and cracks a couple eggs into a pan as I go about getting myself a cup of coffee, no sugar, generous milk.

I sit at the counter sipping my coffee and admiring Jake's ass until he pours his omelette on a plate and joins me, adding bacon and fruit to his plate.

“I have cereal, too if you’d prefer that.”

“No, really, this is perfect. I usually don’t eat much in the morning.”

“Well, babe, things have changed for you. You’re gonna have to keep up your energy now,” he winks, trying to contain the teasing smirk and looking extremely pleased with himself.

I pick up a skinny piece of cantaloupe, “Oh, right. This should do the job,” I say, eating the fruit in two small bites and discarding the rind on the napkin in front of me.

He bursts out laughing, stands up and scoops me up and plants me on his lap on the bar stool, straddling him. He nips at my neck and tickles my sides, making me squeal and giggle. “I can see I have more to prove to you, minx.” Then he’s nipping at my ear and growling as his hands roam over me and I can barely catch my breath I’m laughing so hard.

“Okay! Okay! No more! Seriously, Jake!” I squirm into him and it’s not lost on me that he feels good…really good.

He’s laughing too, but he growls one more time for show. “I can see it’s sinking in for my girl now how much she’s gonna need a good breakfast.”

I press into him, rolling my hips, turned on again, “Okay, seriously, speaking of sinking in… “ I say, licking the dip at the base of his neck and kissing up to his jaw.

He groans, “Evie, I thought you said you were sore…”

I sigh, sitting up. "I am. Maybe some tylenol would take the edge off enough...?"

He bursts out laughing again, “Christ. I’ve brought a sex demon to life.”

I laugh, climbing off him, but he might be right. “Okay, so then what are you going to do with me today?”

“Ever been to the zoo?” he asks.

“Actually, no,” I say, surprised. “You’re gonna take me to the zoo?” I grin thinking that that sounds fun. I never got to do any of that kind of stuff as a kid and so I suppose there’s a lot I’ve missed out on. And I don’t exactly have the extra cash to spend on weekend outings now…

“Cool. Do you have shoes that’ll work for walking?”

“Yeah, I brought a pair of sneakers.”

“Okay, good, I’ll take a quick shower and we’ll get going.”

He finishes his breakfast quickly as I enjoy my coffee and then he drops his dishes in the sink, kisses me on the cheek and heads to the shower.

A minute or two later, I get the naughty idea to surprise him but when I try the door, it's locked. I frown slightly. Okay….

I head back to the kitchen and instead wash the pans in the sink from last night’s dinner, including the breakfast pans and load the dishwasher. As I’m finishing up, Jake enters the kitchen in a pair of jeans and a black pullover. His beautiful carmel hair is perfectly tousled and still a little damp. I go to him and put my arms around his waist, inhaling his delicious, fresh woodsy scent and lying my head on his chest for a minute. It seems impossible that I missed him for the ten minutes he was showering but I can't deny it, I did. I lift my head and grin up at his masculine beauty and he's smiling down at me. He leans and kisses me on my forehead, whispering, "My Evie. So sweet." before pulling away and going to put his shoes on.


It's probably one of the best days of my life. It's a beautiful, crisp fall day, slightly cool but with lots of sunshine to take the worst of the chill off. Jake and I hold hands as we walk through the zoo, laughing and chatting easily. I'm seriously fascinated by some of the animals and watch them for long minutes before looking over at Jake who seems to always be looking back at me with a grin. He seems to enjoy my reactions as much as I'm enjoying the experience.

We stop for hot dogs and ice cream for lunch and as we're sitting there eating, a peacock walks right by us. Apparently, they freely roam the zoo. I gasp and pick up my phone, trying to get a picture, following the bird around like a crazed prom mom. Jake is laughing at me from the table as I dance around like a nut, trying to get a shot, when suddenly the bird saunters right over, halts in front of me and spreads his feathers in a show of beauty like I've never seen before. I'm frozen as I stare, spellbound by this beautiful creature. He prances in front of me for several seconds before I unfreeze and snap picture after picture, cooing to the beautiful boy before he preens off for greener pastures.

I suck in an excited breath as I hurry back to Jake. He's sitting at the table with a little frown on his face. "Look!" I squeal, showing him the pictures of the gorgeous bird who clearly wanted to show off for me. He makes little "big deal" grunts as I'm scrolling through the pictures and so I glance at him quickly, noting his expression, "You're jealous of a bird?" I ask incredulously.

"What?" he says? "No!" But I can tell he's lying.

"You're jealous of a bird." I say. It's not a question. I look back at the pictures. "He IS gorgeous. Goddddd, soooo gorgeous," I say, moaning out the syllables in an exaggerated way and throwing my head back.