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Forty five minutes later, I see Landon walk in and I stand up, waving excitedly at him. He rushes over, a dark haired guy trailing right behind him. When he's almost to our table, he yells, "Fancy Face!" and I rush into his arms yelling, "Hi!" over the hub bub of the club.

He lets me go, saying loudly, "Girl, you look hot!" Then he looks over to Jake who is standing and shakes his hand, saying, "Thanks for inviting us." Jake smiles and nods at him, saying, "It's good to officially meet you."

He pulls the good looking guy behind him to his side and introduces him as Jeff Stoltz. I take him in, thinking he looks really familiar, and when it hits me, the hair color is different but… , "Has anyone ever told you you look - "

"Like Matt Damon?" he finishes, smiling. "Yeah, I've heard that once or twice."

"That often, huh?" I laugh and gesture for them to sit which they do.

As Jeff is ordering drinks, and Jake looks away, Landon catches my eye and fans himself, shooting looks in Jake's direction. I grin. But I can't disagree.

We order more drinks and all chat easily. Jake is charming and personable and I'm having a great time.

I have three large glasses of wine in me when Jake stands up, pulling me with him and whispering, "I want you on the dance floor."

My heart starts beating a little bit faster and I sway slightly but suddenly, dancing doesn't seem quite so daunting. I have a sneaking suspicion that the three large glasses of wine I've consumed is the reason for this.

I wave to the guys and follow Jake onto the dance floor. A mix of Maroon Five's "One More Night" is blasting through the speakers and suddenly I'm in Jake's arms and he's moving against me and it's easy to follow his sexy hip movements. I bring my arms up around his neck and we move against each other and besides ha**ng s*x with Jake, this is the most erotic thing I've ever experienced.

"I should have known you'd be a good dancer," I whisper into his ear.

He smiles and presses more fully into my body, making me close my eyes and cling more tightly to his neck. Would it be considered déclassé to have an orgasm on the dance floor of a nightclub? I giggle to myself. Okay, Maybe I've had just a tad too much to drink.

The song changes and I feel a tap on my shoulder and Landon is grinning at me. Jake takes my jaw in his hand and kisses me hard and quick on the mouth, turning me over to Lan. "I'm gonna go use the restroom," he says. "Take care of her." Landon nods and then spins me around as I giggle and follow his lead.

"Jeff seems nice, Lan," I say, spinning back into him.

"He is. I might really like him. I wanted you to hang out with him a little bit so you could give me your impression," he says, looking a little nervous.

"I like him a lot so far!"

"Good. I think he’s great. And hot. I mean, maybe not as hot as your boy toy, but hot." he laughs, spinning me again.

"Where'd you meet him?"

"At Starbucks. It was crowded and he asked if he could share my table. We ended up talking for three hours."

"I love that!" I grin at him, spinning away.

Ten minutes later, just as I'm starting to believe that I might be a truly gifted dancer, or maybe it's just the wine, I'm not really sure, a big dark haired guy in a tight black t-shirt grabs my hand and tries to pull me into him. I nod no, pointing at Landon and when Landon sees what's going on, he grabs my hand and attempts to pull me back. Apparently, this guy isn't going to take two no's for an answer though because he tugs me harder and I go stumbling against his body. There's a slight struggle as Landon tries to pull me away from him and the beefy guy in black tries to turn my body so that he can put his massive frame between me and Landon.

Suddenly, the guy who has hold of me is flying backwards and I catch sight of a livid looking Jake, his hand on the back of the guy's collar, hauling him to the edge of the floor. Jake says something close to his face and the guy raises his hands in a mock surrender and goes sauntering away. I stand still, looking at Jake's angry face. That expression…

Jake watches him leave, his jaw tense and then returns to me. I feel slightly off balance. It must be the alcohol. I shake it off and smile brightly at Jake. "My hero," I croon and when Jake looks down into my face, he must see that I'm really tipsy because he shakes his head slightly, smiling now and puts his arms back around me. I grin up at him and we start moving again.

An hour later, I'm sweaty and breathing hard and I think my feet may need to be put to rest, separate from the rest of my body.

Jeff joined us on the floor a few minutes after Jake hauled the big guy off of me and we've all been having a blast together.

Jake leans forward and says something to Landon and Landon nods, blowing a kiss my way which I return. I wave at Jeff and he waves back and then Jake is taking my hand, leading me off the dance floor.

I ask him to wait for a second as I use the restroom and then give him a quick kiss as I head inside. After I do my business and freshen up at the mirror, I walk out. I look around confused, Jake is nowhere in sight. I finally spot him by the door, his face tight as he talks closely to a woman I can't see completely because her head is turned and there is someone standing behind her obscuring most of her body. All I can make out is brownish hair that's pulled up and long, shapely legs. She turns and walks out the door and he looks towards the restrooms, a nervous expression on his face. He doesn't see me because I'm already coming towards him, squeezing through a group of people by the bar.

He goes over to the bouncer and says something to him quickly and then as he looks up and sees me approaching him, his face registers a fleeting look of surprise but then softens and he takes my hand.

"Ready?" he says.

"Who were you talking to?" I ask, frowning slightly.

He looks at me and pauses for a second before answering. "Just some woman who was drunk, making a scene. The bouncers called her a cab and I just lead her to the door. Hold on, let me get a glass of water for you at the bar before we leave."

"I'm okay," I say. "You looked mad."

"Not really. She was just being kind of belligerent. She tried to make a pass. I said no. That was that."

"Now, trust me on the water, you'll be glad you drank it tomorrow morning, especially since you're working." He orders a water when we get to the bar and then watches as I suck the whole thing down. I smile up at him when I'm done, putting the glass on the bar.

"Take me home," I say smiling. "Before I have to beat more women off of you." He laughs, shaking his head.

We walk to the door and Jake leans in and says something to the bouncer and within minutes, the bouncer signals to Jake and the valet is bringing his car around and we're on our way home. He seems a little tense for a few minutes but as we laugh about Landon's hilariously dramatic dance moves, he relaxes. We reminisce about how he was doing them to crack us up, lip synching and being completely over the top. I don't think I've laughed that much, ever.

When we pull into Jake's garage, he shuts off his car and instead of getting out, he looks over at me and takes my face in his hands and starts kissing me, deep and wet. He feels so good and I'm kissing him back with equal enthusiasm when he pulls me on top of him and I press down and that feels great and so I keep doing it when suddenly, I hear the sound of material tearing. We both stop, confused, and when I pull slightly off Jake, I realize that the seam at his crotch is torn straight down the middle, gaping open. "Oh my God," I breathe, "Your boy part is like the Incredible Hulk."

He raises an eyebrow. "Boy part?"

I nod. "Is he angry?"

"Not yet. But if you keep referring to him as a 'boy part,' he could get there. He's all man. You don't want to see him get angry."

"Oh, I definitely want to see him get angry."

He laughs out loud and then says, "Come on, let's get you upstairs."

He helps me out of the car and then leads me towards the entrance to the lobby. As we walk past the front desk, Jake places me directly in front of him to hide his torn pants and walks pressed against me, saying, "Hey Joe," as the night man looks at us, a confused expression on his face. I get a fit of the giggles and Jake rushes me to the elevator, practically pushing me inside and then following quickly. I laugh all the way upstairs.

When we get inside Jake's apartment, we stumble against his wall, still laughing, Jake's body pressed against me. As I watch his beautiful face, smiling at me, I turn serious. "Jake, I've never really been silly a lot in my life and so I want to thank you for that. I know that sounds kind of crazy and maybe even a little dumb, but, really, it's a big deal to me so, honestly, thank you for tonight."

He's looking at me seriously now too as if he completely understands. "I look forward to lots more silly moments with you, beautiful."

Then his mouth comes down on mine as he presses me harder against the wall. We kiss for long moments, Jake's tongue plundering my mouth as I moan and whimper, the taste of him dizzying, even though I'm mostly sober now.

He lifts me off my feet and I wrap my legs around him. I reach down and put my hand into his already torn pants, stroking him as best as I can with our bodies pressed so closely together. He lets out a low growl and I feel moisture trickle between my legs at the sound of it.

He takes one of his hands off my ass, pressing me harder against the wall as he reaches down and tears my thong right off of me. I take in a sharp breath at the surprise of it, and then moan as he fingers my opening.

"Always so wet for me," he chokes out. I lean my head back against the wall as he licks and kisses up my throat and it feels so amazing that I am writhing against him, moving my core against the huge erection I can feel pressed tightly against me.

When Jake leans his h*ps back, I whimper in protest.

"Take my c**k out, Evie," he growls and I reach down, through the tear in his pants, into his boxers, doing as he says, springing him free.

He grips my ass tighter as he slams foreword, impaling me against the wall and I cry out as he fills and stretches me, my internal muscles tightening around his shaft. For several seconds, we just stare into each other's eyes, and the heat and intensity coming from his has me mesmerized.

He keeps looking straight at me as he slowly pulls back, almost withdrawing completely and then slamming back into me. Oh God that feels so good. My eyes close involuntarily and I moan deep, my lips parting. I hear Jake let out a guttural hiss.

That's when things get a little wild.

Jake crashes his mouth down on mine and begins thrusting into me, hard and deep, almost punishing, my back slamming against the wall. But I love every minute of it, feeling owned by this beautiful man, hammering into me, too far gone to be gentle.

He reaches down between us and presses his finger against my cl*t and I start panting and moaning into his mouth as an orgasm crashes and rolls through me.

He rips his mouth from mine as he growls, "Mine. Only mine. Only. Ever. Mine," still slamming into me, pounding me against the wall. His eyes close and his lips part as his orgasm builds and then he throws his head back, letting out a deep moan as I feel his hot seed jetting inside me.

He looks back at me lazily as he glides in and out slowly, drawing out the pleasure of his cl**ax.

I blurt out, "You are so beautiful."

He smiles at me, his eyes warm as he lets me down to the floor. His arms must be killing him.

"You're the beautiful one."

I kiss him sweetly on the lips and then we adjust our clothing as he takes my hand and leads me to bed.


On Saturday morning, surprisingly, I wake up feeling pretty good which I'm thankful for since my shift starts at ten a.m. I take a shower, which I needed badly as Jake and I had pretty much fallen into bed last night after the dancing and the wall activities. I smile at the memory. I blow my hair partially dry and put it in a loose braid that falls over my shoulder, light makeup and pull on my uniform. I kiss Jake goodbye and nuzzle into his neck as I lean over him to which he growls and says, "Don't tempt me. I'm three seconds away from making you very late for work." I giggle, and give him one more quick kiss on the cheek, leaving him in bed.

He arranged one of his company cars to pick me up at his building and it's waiting for me at the curb as I step outside. I don't mind the bus but I could get used to this. It takes less than ten minutes before I'm clocking in.

The day goes by quickly even though I'm tired from our late night and lots of physical exertion. Before we fell into bed last night, Jake and I had made plans for him to pick me up from work. But close to the end of my shift, my manager asks if I want to leave an hour early because of an over scheduling issue and I jump at it.

I text Jake but he doesn't text me back by the time I'm clocking out and so I change my clothes quickly and then ask one of the other girls leaving at the same time if she'd mind dropping me at his place.

She drops me in front of his building and I try calling him one more time but he doesn't answer so I call to someone entering to hold the door and go in behind them. I get on the penthouse elevator alone and since I remember the simple code Jake used to get to his floor, I punch that in. I hope he doesn't mind me coming over early, but why would he? What if he's not home? Darn, I guess I'll come downstairs and wait in the lobby and just keep calling him. There's probably a coffee shop somewhere close by.

The elevator opens and I notice that the door to his condo is open a little bit and I hear voices coming from inside. I frown a little and stop to the side of the door, unsure now if I should knock. I decide to anyway, but as I lift my hand, I hear a woman say, "You don't have to act like this. Let me make it better, honey." I freeze. What the hell?