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Jake responds and his voice sounds clipped, angry, "Don't start this shit. I explained to you in San Diego the nature of our relationship and that is that there isn't one, okay?"

"You lie to yourself, Jake. You can't just make this go away. You can't just make me go away."

"The f**k I can't. Get out."

There's silence for a couple seconds and then I hear a rustling and Jake yells, "Get the f**k OUT!" and it sounds like the woman is sniffling.

Footsteps come towards the door and I panic. Shit! What should I do? Before I can even come up with any sort of plan, the door is flung open and I'm staring into Jake's seriously livid eyes. He sees me and a look of shock runs over his features before he says under his breath, "Shit. Evie. What the f**k are you doing here?"

It feels like a rock drops into my stomach. I stand there gaping at him like a stupid fish, when a woman walks out his door. She's seriously gorgeous, with thick, light brown hair to her shoulders and big, green eyes. She's older than me and Jake, probably in her late 30's. She looks at me and then looks at Jake and then looks back at me with a look of scorn on her face.

"Really, Jake? Already?" she clips out.

Jake closes his eyes for a second and then repeats in a barely controlled voice, "Get out."

She ignores him and walks over to me and extends her hand, "I'm Lauren," she says, but the way she says it, I can tell she's anything but happy to meet me.

I have no idea what to do and so I take her hand, whispering, "Nice to meet you, I'm… "

"Mom!" Jake yells. "If you don't get out, swear to God, I will call security to haul you downstairs." Jake is clenching his jaw and his hands are fisted at his sides.


I'm flabbergasted, and my mouth opens and closes stupidly again. I guess I really underestimated her age because she looks seriously not a day over 35. I guess that's what money can do for you.

A look of hurt passes over Lauren's face but she pulls herself taller and says, "Fine, Jake, have it your way." Then as she's stepping on to the elevator, she turns and looks at me and says, "You're just one of many. You should know that."

I gasp as the elevator door closes and I lean to my right so that the wall will hold me up.

What the… ?

Jake is standing just outside his doorway, staring straight ahead, unmoving except the continued clenching of his jaw.

I walk over to the elevator and push the down button and that seems to snap him out of it because he takes three big steps over to me and puts his hand on my arm and says, "Evie! Where are you going?" He looks desperate now.

"I'm leaving, Jake. Obviously you don't want me here. I'm sorry, I got off work early and I thought, I mean, I thought it would be okay. I called you… " I trail off, my eyes filling with tears because I feel stupid and confused.

"Evie, baby, please. Let me explain. I'm so sorry. So f**king sorry. I keep messing up." He runs his hand through his hair and looks like such an uncertain little boy, I crumble, again. I let him guide me into his condo so he can tell me what the hell that was. I leave my jacket on and my bag by the door though in case I need to leave quickly.


Jake closes his door and leads me to his living room area, pulls up a leather upholstered ottoman and pulls it in front of the couch and pulls me down to sit knee to knee with him. He takes both my hands in his. "First of all, I'm so sorry I made you feel badly for coming here. You can show up here anytime you want to. I never expected my mom to…" He sighs, "We're… estranged, things are not good between us, which I guess you could tell." He lets out something that sounds like a strangled laugh. "I had no idea she was coming here today. The last time I saw her I told her I didn't want anything to do with her, and I meant ever."

"It's complicated, but, my mom has issues. Serious issues and she made my home life a living hell. She's the reason that I acted out the way I did when I was a teenager and she's the reason for the stilted relationship between me and my dad.

"When I saw you standing there, I couldn't believe that you were even about to share her air. She's a ruthless bitch and she'll do or say anything that she thinks will further her own agenda. I wasn't mad that you were here, I was mad that you were even in the vicinity of that pit viper. And that was not your fault, but I lost it, and I'm so sorry." His eyes are pleading.

"She only made that comment to you about being one of many because she was being vindictive since I was throwing her out. She doesn't even know you, Evie. And she sure as shit doesn't know anything important about me."

"Jake," I say, squeezing his hands. "I feel like when you're talking about yourself, you're talking to me in code. I get the gist of what you're saying but you really haven't told me anything."

He sighs, "I'll give you some examples, just give me some time, okay? This is stuff I've never talked about to anyone and it's hard for me to get into. I've spent so many years trying to pretend it doesn't exist. I know that's not the healthy thing to do. But just… trust me, okay? Can you do that?" He's looking at me desperately, like my answer means his life or death.

I say the first thing that pops into my head. "Okay, Jake. I trust you." And despite all my doubts, I do, I honestly do, and that makes me happy as much as it scares the shit out of me. Nothing makes sense anymore.

He's holding back. Questionable things keep coming up. I shouldn't feel safe with him. And yet, I do. I have to wonder about my own judgement.

"Can you just tell me one thing, though? Why is she in town?"

"Part of it is because my father changed his will in the hospital and left me the company and she's not happy about that. She's here in part to make an appeal to the board. It won't work, but she'll give it her best. Mostly, it's a way to control me and she's angry that she's lost that."

We're both silent for several seconds before he continues. "Forgive me for talking to you like that, for making you feel that way? God, for that whole f**ked up situation?" His looks at me sadly.

I take a deep breath. "Yes, I forgive you. And you don't have to apologize for your mom, Jake. I know better than anyone you can't help who your parents are."

He looks into my eyes and nods. "Thank you," he says, looking down at our hands and then bringing them up and kissing my knuckles one at a time. "I never want to do anything to hurt you, Evie. Everything I do, it's because my feelings are so strong for you… I … Christ, I'm so out of my element here and there are all these f**ked up things… Just, be patient with me?" I wonder for a minute if he's going to tear up but he just looks at me sadly and finally, I do the only thing that feels right. I put my arms around him and hold him close.


Jake grabs a menu from a chinese restaurant down the street and I look it over and then tell him what I want, chicken with broccoli and an egg roll.

He calls in the order and I ask him if he'd mind if I took a quick shower before dinner. Cleaning hotel rooms all day doesn't exactly make me feel all fresh and clean.

"Of course," he says, "You don't have to ask. My home is your home, okay?" He looks at me like it's really important to him that I understand that.

"Okay, Jake."

I take a quick shower and change into a light pink tank top with lace straps and a pair of white cotton shorts. I brush out my hair and leave it down.

I walk back out into the kitchen/living area and don't see Jake. The door leading to the balcony is open though and so I go there and peek out. Jake is standing against the low wall with his hands on the ledge looking out to the city.

I walk up behind him and wrap my arms around his waist, laying my head against his back. He takes my hands in his from the front and inhales a deep breath. As much as I’m rattled by my run in with his mom, I feel like he needs me more than I need him right now. I'm not new to feeling sorry for people for the parental hand they got dealt. I grew up in the foster care system. But I never expected that Jake's situation was so extreme that he had to kick his own mom out of his life, literally and figuratively.

After a couple minutes, I give him a gentle squeeze and then slide my hands up the bottom of his shirt, leaning down and kissing the base of his back, and licking up his spine a little ways. I smile against his skin.

As I start lifting the back of his shirt a little more, his body tenses and I pause, wondering if I'm doing something wrong. I realize quickly that I've never actually seen his back and I wonder briefly if maybe he has scars there too… but I don't remember feeling anything when we were in bed…

Then the moment passes as he draws in air and turns around so that my face is now at his stomach, which I press my lips against. “Evie,” he breathes.

He leans back against the half wall and I go down on my knees in front of him, unbuttoning the top of his jeans. I smile up at him and his eyes are dark and filled with need.

Jake’s lips are parted and at the look of blatant lust on his face, I feel wetness between my legs. I press my thighs together, relishing the sensation.

Along with the butterflies that take flight in my stomach are wisps of excitement, thrilling and heady. Am I really about to do this?

I unzip his jeans and drag them down his legs, Next, I pull his boxers down and his beautiful c**k springs free, rock hard. I look up at him and his arms are spread, braced on the wall as he leans back, resting his ass against the stone. I must look a little unsure because he says, “Put your mouth on me, please, Evie.”

He's perfection, his body taut with desire, heavy with arousal and my mouth waters at the sight of him.

I don’t know if I’m going to be any good at this but I decide to go for gusto. I’m so turned on that when I lick up the underside of his erection, I’m the one to moan. I breath in his scent, clean and woodsy but also something muskier down here. It’s all Jake and I love it.

My lips stretch over the wide crown, sucking gently. I flutter my tongue across the underside, loving the feel of his soft skin. Jake rewards me with a loud moan, rolling his h*ps gently.

I fist the base of him with one hand and draw him deeper into my mouth and start sucking rhythmically.

“Oh, f**k! Evie… your mouth… Like that!” Jake grinds out. He pushes his hands into my hair, pulling at the roots. It should hurt but strangely, I love the feel of it and it spurs me on.

I keep sucking and stroking him with my mouth while my hand jacks him from below, like he showed me.

I feel him swell in my mouth and I let out another moan, as he starts thrusting his hips, f**king my mouth, directing my movement. I love that he's lost control. I love that I've done that to him.

“Oh God! I’m gonna come, baby,” I keep sucking him though, working my lips and tongue hungrily, desperate to bring him to orgasm.

I feel the first spurts of se**n in my mouth, thick and salty and I swallow all of it, milking him with my mouth until his last shudder.

"Holy f**k," his voice is still hoarse with passion.

I tuck him back into his pants just as the buzzer from the front desk sounds. It’s our food.

We both look at the door at the same time and burst out laughing, him running his hand through his hair and muttering, “Holy shit. Seriously, unleashed a sex demon.”

I giggle and he pulls me up, kissing me quickly on the lips and I follow him back into the condo.


We eat our takeout on the floor in the living room. Jake has a game on t.v. but he’s not paying much attention. We laugh and share bites and he's sweet and flirty, my Jake again. The shadow of his mother’s visit seems to have faded. I guess a b**w j*b can distract a man from some of life's most disturbing events. Noted.

After dinner, Jake tells me he's going to take a quick shower. I bring the dishes into the kitchen and load the dishwasher. As I'm straightening his pile of mail, Jake comes up behind me and turns me around, lifting me easily onto the counter. His hand grips the back of my neck and my legs open for him, allowing him to press his body fully into me. He smiles and then kisses me slowly and deeply as my hands run up and down the hard muscles of his back.

"Well, hello," I say, smiling, when he breaks the kiss. "How was your shower?"

"Good," he says, nipping at my lip. "I missed you though."

"We'll have to schedule a shower for the both of us then. I look forward to getting wet with you Jake Madsen," I smile my best saucy smile.

A strange look passes over his face but he schools it quickly, smiling and saying, "Oh, I have a whole spreadsheet of things I plan to do with you."

"A whole spreadsheet, huh?" I say smiling back, convincing myself that I imagined the strange look.

"Mmm," he murmurs, rubbing his nose against mine. "Color coded and everything."

"Well, by all means, then, let's start working our way through that," I grin down at him.

He kisses me again, but now it's harder, more demanding. In minutes, we're panting and gripping at each other, hands everywhere.

I feel lost, needy, my panties already drenched with arousal, my ni**les pebbled against his hard chest.

I let out a whimper as Jake pulls the strap of my tank top down one shoulder, looking at me with dark, hooded eyes. He licks his lips as he pulls the other strap down to bare my br**sts and the throbbing between my legs intensifies. "Please, Jake," I whisper and I'm not even entirely sure what I'm asking him for.