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“You want protection, right?”

“I was offering to protect you.”

“You will, by being by the door, keeping watch.”

There was no way David would know where to find him. They hadn’t encountered each other in ten years, and well, he’d trained himself to be invisible. He’d even been in several of David’s clubs, watching him, waiting.

So far, nothing.

He didn’t know if the old man had gotten sloppy, or he really didn’t recognize him.

It didn’t matter to him.

The fucker was going to die when the time was right.

He had to watch his wife die and any chance he had at a future. The least he could do was offer David the same fate.

Meghan stepped into the bathroom and stood by the door. “This is not how I saw helping you.”

He pulled his shirt off.

In the mirror, he saw her gaze on his body.

With the bruising on her face fading, he saw just how sexy she was. This wasn’t something he wanted to notice.

Gripping the edge of the sink, he looked in the mirror. “You like?” he asked.

“What? A sexy, muscular man getting naked. What’s not to like?”

“You’re supposed to be a lookout. Not checking me out.”

She quickly averted her gaze, and he removed his pants. His cock was hard. Glancing down her body, he wanted to demand she strip, but instead, he padded to the shower and climbed inside.

There was a spider in the tub as he turned on the water.

The shock of the cold had him closing his eyes, tilting his head back. He needed the cold to rid himself of this … arousal.

Ten years without a woman.

Ten years of not wanting anyone.

Meghan was messing with him.

She was nothing like his sweet, caring wife.

Yet, he wanted her.

The thought of her being naked right now, he’d have her on her knees so fast, worshiping his cock. He’d sink right to the back of her throat, and make her swallow every single drop of cum.

He wondered if she’d had a man lick her pussy. Would she taste sweet? He wanted to press his face against her core and taste her, watch her come just before he fucked her hard and fast.

“How does it look?” he asked.

“It’s all clear. You’re fine. Enjoy your shower.”

He would have to take care of his dick another time.

There was no way he was going to let her know he was affected by her. First, he needed to know a lot more about her.

Chapter Four

After Meghan finished up in the shower, Riley returned to the motel room with some Chinese food.

The clothes she’d been wearing, she intended to burn. She felt there was evidence on her clothes, and she didn’t want anything to implicate her hero.

“I take it you like Chinese food.”

“I don’t turn down any kind of food. Even stuff I don’t like.” She used the chopsticks to scoop up some lo mein noodles.

“You know what it’s like to go without food?”

“Doesn’t everyone?” There was no ladylike way to eat noodles, not when she shoved them in and had more than a generous mouthful. Sitting in a motel with a killer, she doubted he’d mind.

“You’d be surprised.”

“Do you know what it’s like?” She didn’t care about anyone else.

Riley appealed to her. She wanted to know more about him.


Licking her lips, she finished swallowing the lump in her throat.

“I grew up in the foster care system. My mom dumped me on the doorstep of the place when I was five,” she said.

“Do you remember it?”

“Vaguely. To be honest, living in foster care was no different than living with my mom. She was a prostitute. I didn’t know it back then, but she’d have men coming and going. Sex noises coming from wherever she did it. I guess she did have some morals.”

“How come?” he asked.

“One of her clients kept wanting me,” she said. Again, only when she’d gotten older did she realize what it all meant. “Mom got tired of the beatings, and me taking her customers. Nothing happened, but some men wanted a go at me.”

“You were five.”

“There are a lot of sick people in the world. Men and women alike. She dumped me on the doorstep. No promise to return, and she never did.”

“Did you go looking for her?”

“Hell, no. I know when I’m not wanted, and believe me, I don’t beg for attention. Never have. Never will.”

“You were in the system until eighteen?”

“Pretty much. I ran away a few times. Lived on the street for a couple of days at a time. Believe me when I say some kids had it even rougher than I did. You learn to go without a lot of things. It’s why I don’t like being drugged. I saw too many of us fall to the promise of an easy high. It is easy. Just a simple syringe, pop, and you’re there, cloud nine. The thing is, I’m not stupid. I know the high comes with … conditions. Selling your body. Thieving. The people who have the drugs, you become nothing but a slave to them. I promised myself long ago I wouldn’t be anyone’s slave.”