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He was willing to die because he had nothing to live for.

Meghan, she was ruining the peace of mind he’d built up, and that, to him, wasn’t acceptable. He had to be the one back in control.

She opened her mouth, and he slid inside.

Gripping the back of her head, he wrapped her hair around his fist, and now he had control of her. Hitting the back of her throat, he held himself there until she was pretty much gagging on his length.

Saliva gathered in her mouth, and he pulled out, only to push back in again. His cock was covered in saliva, and as he pulled out, some dripped onto her chest. He didn’t care. He wanted her to be driven to please him. To want to fuck him. To want to drive him wild with need.

When he knew he wouldn’t be able to last, he pulled out of her mouth, dropped to his knees, and kissed her, hard.

Using her hair, he lifted her up, following his lead as he dropped her to the bed. Letting her go, he stood up and lifted her knees, spreading her wide.

She let out a little moan. He didn’t stop as he looked at her.

“Keep them there,” he said.

Opening the lips of her pussy, he stroked his fingers through her wet slit before going inside her. In and out, he worked her pussy, drawing up to her clit, and stroking her.

He liked to feel her tighten around his fingers as he teased her with his thumb. She was completely his, but he also saw the nervousness in her eyes. They were not finished yet. Nowhere near close.

He would give her a night to remember. Only, he hoped when he was done, she would be willing to walk away, or die for his cause.

As he added a third finger and then a fourth, she flinched a little, and he stroked her clit as he spread her open.

“You know, I could get my whole fist in here,” he said.

She didn’t say anything.

“Don’t worry, I’m only going to put my cock inside you.” He removed his hand, took hold of his cock, and slammed to the hilt inside her. He held her hips, keeping her in place as he pulled out, only to fuck her hard and fast, not giving her the chance to grow accustomed to him.

“Look at us, Meghan. Look at my cock.” He eased out of her until only the tip was there.

Taking her hand, he placed it between her thighs, making her touch herself, feeling her clit, then down to her cunt where he was fucking her, going in and then out.

He pulled out of her, and let her touch them.

“You’re so wet. That is all you. My cum isn’t even inside you yet.” Covering her hand with his, he worked the length, making her touch him, before going back inside, and fucking her. “Taste yourself.”

She put her fingers to her mouth and licked them clean.

“Good girl,” he said.

He wasn’t finished with her yet. He pulled out of her cunt, grabbed her hips, and flipped her over, putting her back on her knees.

Tonight, he would fuck her ass, but first, he was going to finish inside her cunt. He could have sex and come so many times in one night.

Meghan was going to get to know what belonging to him really felt like.

Let her go.

He couldn’t do it.

Men were after her. They were going to kill her. She thought she was street smart, but compared to the men he’d trained, she didn’t know anything.

She was way too innocent.

He had to protect her.

It didn’t mean while she was under his protection, they couldn’t have fun. She was here with him willingly, and she knew there was no chance of this going anywhere.

Finding her pussy, he slid in deep, feeling her clench around him, holding him tightly within her.

He pushed all of his thoughts to one side.

All he had was tonight. All other plans could wait until tomorrow.

Chapter Seven

Meghan rubbed her pussy and watched as Riley fucked her. His long, thick cock made it impossible to ignore him. Not that she wanted to. His focus was on her, completely, and there was no looking away from him.

“That’s it, baby. I want you to come all over my cock. Make my dick nice and wet. I’m going to fill you up with my cum.”

His dirty words only incited her need for him. She was so close to coming, it was almost too much.

He patted her hand away from her pussy, and his fingers finished the task, stroking over her clit, pinching the little button, soothing the pain with the tips of his fingers. She couldn’t contain her orgasm any longer, and as she came, Riley didn’t stand still. He thrust deep within her, making her take all of his cock even as he continued to make her climax.