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As she came for the second time, once again screaming his name, Riley joined her. His cock jerked inside her, filling her once again with his cum.

She didn’t know how much more she could take, but there was one thing she did know: she wasn’t going to stop him.


Some men passed out after one orgasm and were out for the night. Riley, he’d never been like that. He didn’t know why, but sex once, it always failed to satisfy him. He always figured it was because he’d fuck for a full night, but wouldn’t see much pussy for a couple of weeks, and then, he’d have his fill all in one. Kind of like a binge drinker. Only he had binge sex.

He’d already had Meghan come three times now, and not just little releases either. They had been full-blown orgasms, and he could already see he’d blown her mind.

She hadn’t told him to stop though. He didn’t want to either.

He’d taken her pussy three times, filled her with his cum and then had to wonder if she was on any kind of contraception.

What did make him a little … nervous was that he didn’t give a fuck if she wasn’t. If her body was fertile and already pregnant, he loved it. He was a man and knowing he’d made her pregnant with this one night, or the previous one, it felt like it was meant to fucking be.

Not part of the plan.

He shoved the revenge aside and for now, got back to doing what he did best.

He had her on her knees. The bed was already covered in their combined releases because he didn’t clean shit up. No, he didn’t have time to go and get a cloth and wipe away the evidence of them together.

That would all come in the morning or when they were done. Whichever one they had the energy for.

Spreading the cheeks of her ass, he trailed his fingers through her cream-soaked pussy and coated the puckered hole of her ass.

She let out a groan.

With each passing minute, she was becoming more and more exhausted but still begging for more. He loved the sound of his name coming from her lips; it was worth everything to him.

Pushing a finger in her ass, he began to work her, getting her ready. He was going to take her asshole tonight, and he wanted to see it spread open wide, full of creamy white spunk.

Her muscles tightened, but he pushed back them, working two fingers, stretching her wide.

She whimpered.

“Tell me to stop,” he said.

He would if she really didn’t enjoy it. The one thing he’d never been was a rapist, and holding a woman down as she screamed for help or for him to stop never, ever appealed.

“Don’t stop. Please, I want it,” she said.

He pulled his cock out of her pussy. He was covered in their own lubricant, and as he placed the tip to her ass, he held her in place with a hand on her hip as he guided the head to her asshole.

Inch by inch, he worked his length within her. At first, she was too tight, and he had to stroke her clit to get her to relax and take him in.

She cried out as he finally did push past those tight walls, but he knew how to work her body. He wasn’t going to hurt her, and just as he knew she was capable of, she opened up to take his cock, and he watched.

It was such a pretty sight to see.

He held onto her hips again, and giving her a chance to adjust to a dick in her ass, he stroked her curvy body.

He could more than get used to having her in his bed, waking up every morning to her.

There was not a part of her he didn’t enjoy.

Her tits were glorious as he knew they would be. Watching them bounce as he took her hard and fast was perfection in itself. They were more than a generous handful. Not to mention her hips. He loved holding onto them. Some women may hate the extra pounds on their hips, but not Meghan. He knew she had no insecurity about her body, and it only served to turn him on more.

Then of course, he got to her thighs. They were nice, thick, juicy, and boy, did they feel incredible when they were wrapped around his waist and he was fucking her harder.

Her rounded stomach, well, he wanted to see it even bigger and riper.

Pushing those thoughts aside, he told himself he wasn’t here to get her pregnant.

Holding onto her hips, he slowly eased out of her but not all the way. He didn’t want to have to fight to get back inside her. With the head still within her, he pushed forward, rocking the length in only a couple of inches at a time, getting her used to him taking her.