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“No. They wanted to know where you were. My advice, don’t contact them. They’re working for him. You’re his enemy now, and he will do what it takes to get rid of you.”

“How do you know so much about him?” she asked.

“I used to work for him.”


Riley knew he should have killed her.

The woman currently asleep on the bed should be dead by now. He’d taken her, and that meant David would know she was alive.

So far, no one had showed up at the motel. This was a busy place, and it would be the last place his crew would look. He could guarantee it.

He’d been trained all of his life by David on how to survive. In the last ten years, he’d turned all of those instincts around, and now he learned to survive in the opposite conditions he’d been trained.

With one hand on his gun, he stared out of the window, keeping an eye. A family, a husband, wife, and three children had arrived last night. He’d watched them. The three kids, which they carried between them, had been completely conked out asleep. Clearly, their drive had taken it out of them. He’d watched them check in, and now check out.

The three girls were all laughing, each of them looking so happy as they held each other’s hand. The woman he now saw was heavily pregnant. As the husband came back out, he put his hands on the woman’s swollen stomach, kissing her neck.

Were they as happy as they portrayed, or did they have a secret?

He could have been this happy.


He gripped the curtain tighter as he heard a feminine moan. Closing the curtain, he turned toward the bed.

One of her eyes was open. The other one Stephen had put a bandage over to help it heal.

“You okay?” he asked.

The moment he did so, he wanted to curse himself.

“I knew there was a real human being in there somewhere.”

“I’m being polite.”

“Considering you did drug me, I accept. I feel okay right now. I worry if I move, I’ll be hurting.”

“Did they hurt you anywhere else?” When Stephen began the exam of her body, he’d given them both privacy as he didn’t want to be the kind of guy to look at a woman’s passed-out body.

Stephen was a gentleman. If he didn’t trust him, he wouldn’t still be going to him.


She slowly lifted up off the bed. He watched as she winced.

“Just everywhere.”

“Let me see,” he said.

“Excuse me.”

“You’re clearly hurting, and if there is any internal bleeding, I’ll be able to see. My doctor could only do so much with the time I gave him.”

“You’re not going to tell me his name or yours.”

“You don’t need to know either. The less you know, the better.”

“Could you do me a favor and forget mine then?”

“Of course, Meghan.” He loved the name. It was pretty, and it did suit her. She was a sexy woman. He could see it.

She rolled her good eye.

“You’re not trying to take a peek, are you?”

“I’m not that kind of guy.”

“Sure. So said all other guys.”

This time he did chuckle. She had fire and spirit. He liked that. Again, it made no sense to him why David would want it. He liked women who were broken, submissive, and didn’t cause him any trouble. Unless, he’d upped his game and now wanted to break women like Meghan.

Still, it was against his MO, so why did he want her?

She unbuttoned the shirt Stephen had given her. Underneath was a plain white T-shirt, and she let out a little wince as she lifted it up. He couldn’t stand the sound of her in pain, so he helped her. She didn’t complain and made no move to release her bra.

Stephen hadn’t exactly given her anything sexy.

It was a plain, old sports bra. Grey. It had seen one too many times in the washing machine. Now he had to wonder if this was Stephen’s wife’s old bra.

Nope. He wasn’t going there.

“You’re staring at my breasts,” she said.


“The bra is a little tight. You think it’s causing me problems?”

No. Her tits were just beautiful. The bra couldn’t hide those, no matter how ugly it was.

This woman, she was all curves, and he’d not been with a woman in a long time. His cock was more than happy to see a semi-naked woman.

He had perfected control in the last ten years, so, he got himself to focus on the woman, and not on what he wanted to do, which was push her to the bed and fuck her.

That wasn’t going to happen.

He’d not been with a woman since his wife.

Empty sex held no appeal to him.

Before he’d found Bethany, he’d fucked everything with a vagina. No woman had meant anything to him. They had been things to use, held no meaning to him. Then Bethany came along, and all of his thoughts toward women changed.

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