Page 122 of A King So Cold

“It will not come to that. I would never let it.” His eyes searched mine. “You convince Raiden to break the vow, and I do the same with Nova.”

“He won’t,” I cried, low and breathless. “He will never, especially if he knows you’re the reason.”

The sweep of his long lashes captivated, and he groaned when I rocked over him. “I’ve waited years for this, wondering and worrying that it might never happen.”

You could link with someone, feel that torturous pull toward them, the mind-bending need, but that didn’t always mean they would link with you. Or if they were young, like I was, even figure it out. Swallowed within the iron-infused grip of revenge and heartache, the idea of Zad feeling this fire for me never even crossed my mind, not until some days ago.

“It won’t happen. It can’t.” I took his chin, leaning in to lay my lips upon his.

“Such tasty lies,” he said, his teeth taking my lip as his hands lifted my skirts.

Tilting my head, I kissed him, moaning. With a stinging snap of elastic, he freed me of my undergarments, and I freed him of his pants. “I am not myself when I’m with you, especially not now, and I so desperately need to be me.”

He shuddered beneath me as I sank down on his length, and I swallowed his curses, my arms tight around his neck.

Slow and urgent, I rode him with the help of his encouraging arm around my waist. My skirts fanned around us, his hand fisting my hair. His tongue stroked mine with every rise of my hips, fingers rubbing my scalp when my harsh breaths morphed into fluttering moans, and my body began to shake.

I made to pull away, climaxing so violently I could scarcely breathe, but he held me still, his hips jutting up, eyes alight on mine as his teeth held my bottom lip.

“You are mine,” he said, hoarse and deep, moving me over him slowly until goose bumps pebbled my skin and I was completely filled with his seed. “Eternally my queen.”

“Zad,” I started, my voice scratching.

When he laid me down, I hissed, but he only grinned. Then, thick and hard, he began moving inside me again.

I could do nothing but stare up at him with mixed feelings of awe and fear. Moving my thigh higher up his back, his grin slipped away. His nostrils flared, eyes gleaming with untouched hunger.

I trailed my fingers over the bulging muscles of his arms, felt them twitch and quiver, his breath washing over my cheek when his mouth lowered to mine.

That stirring, unnatural beat inside my chest spread its wings, the sensation tickling every breath I gathered. And when our eyes met, his lips and nose resting upon my own, those wings grew and took flight, and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

Breathing hard, I fell, and Zad rumbled, “Yes, fuck.” His hand left my thigh to slide behind my head, his demand abrasive. “Look at me.”

Trembling beneath him, I did and watched a shaking smile light his entire face.

Beautiful. In the way he looked, yes, he was unrivaled, but it was in the way he loved that truly ruined. He was the most beautiful creature I’d ever know. I felt tears crest my eyes.

He kissed me, so heavy in its softness that I feared I’d disintegrate. “Perfect. My perfect storm.”

Swallowing knives, I grabbed his cheeks, fusing our lips as we rolled and started all over again. Again, I straddled him, and he pushed up on his elbows to hold me, as if he couldn’t bear to not have as much of him touching me as possible.

Resting my forehead against his, I surrendered to the ever-climbing desperation to take as much of him as I could get—to satiate that which could never be satiated.

We were attempting to douse something that would burn until our dying breaths, and we’d happily die trying. It couldn’t be tamed. Not now, not ever now that I’d done more than acknowledge what this thirst had been. Now that I’d accepted it, wanted it, and had taken it for myself.

With a growl, Zad tore my gown from my body, and I pulled at his shirt, my hands feasting as his mouth did the same with my breasts.

He was right. It was too fucking late.

Hours later, I dragged myself to the bathing room, my legs quivering like pudding as Zad chuckled behind me, sprawled naked on my bed. Mercifully, he left me alone to wash.

When I returned, that lazy, feline glint was present in the glowing eyes that tracked each step, traveling up my body. “Your hair always looks so much better after my hands have been in it.”

I tossed my brush at him, and he almost dropped the pipe he was smoking to catch it and set it upon the bed. He tutted, inspecting the engraved wood of the brush as he exhaled a cloud of smoke.