Page 46 of A King So Cold

His tail, spiked with a tuft of fur at the tip, thumped onto the ground, almost knocking Raiden off his feet. “Don’t be rude.”

Van’s eyes zeroed in on me, bottomless and knowing. “Okay.” I tapped his nose. “But you don’t need to like someone to show respect.” That was something my mother would tout time and time again.

Raiden chuckled, a scratchy and deep sound.

Van’s gaze slipped to my wrist, his eyes almost crossing as he eyed the ten-foot-long wildflower chain. “Lie down.”

With a shuffle that shook the ground, he did, and I lifted the chain of flowers above his nose for him to slurp into his mouth.

“He likes to suck on them,” I explained to Raiden as we watched Van’s jaw rotate and his eyes glaze over. At his silence, I turned around to find he wasn’t watching the beast.

He was watching me with an intensity that eclipsed the sun and threatened to awaken the stars.

“Come here, silk.” He crooked a finger, and I felt the tug of his magic coil tight around my abdomen, luring my body to sway closer.

My hands met his chest, and his arms wound around my waist, pressing my body flush to his.

His head bent down, and I rose onto my toes, unsure of how this was happening with so much ease. Without so much as a question, our mouths joined.

A caress for each lip, a nip for every lick, we crashed and we slow danced beneath the clouds drifting over our heads.

His hand fused with my cheek, his thumb ghosting over the corner of my mouth as his forehead rested upon mine. “I have vastly underestimated you in every fascinating way.”

And as I gazed up into his eyes, my chest filling with bubbling air, I recognized that I might have done the same. “Types are overrated anyway.”

He chuckled, and then his lips were stroking mine once more as he stepped back toward a smattering of rocks and lowered me over one that laid closest to the ground.

Van groaned softly, but otherwise stayed exactly where I’d willed him to while Raiden lifted my skirts and I tugged at his tunic, desperate to touch his hot chest again.

The rough surface meeting my back was extinguished by the gentle slide of his hands roaming up my thighs and spreading them wide. When his mouth found me, wet and ready and greedy for his tongue, I mewled, the sound drifting like a song on the wind, carried to the bordering peaks.

He groaned, his nose rubbing against me and his hands tight around my thighs. “So fucking exquisite.”

My own roamed his hair, the short strands unable to be tugged but still luxurious beneath my fingers. Another rumble soaked my heated flesh, and then his finger was inside me as his tongue coaxed me to peaks higher than the mountain beneath us.

“Prince,” I breathed, desperate to have him fill me, but desperate to have him stroke me one last time and render me a dazzled mess.

“Come undone for me, silk,” he said with a languid drag of his tongue as his finger hooked. Then I was shattering, my moans and curses cut short by his lips as I felt him climb over me. Felt him because although my eyes were open, I failed to see anything but shimmering clouds blurring with blue skies.

He moved my leg over his back as he pressed himself to my opening. “Look at me.”

I blinked a dozen times, and the beauty of his face slowly came into focus. “From this day forward, you will see nothing but me and feel nothing but me every time you come undone.”

“So demanding,” I said, my voice all breath as I tried to spear myself on him by rocking my hips.

His grin was sensuous sin, and I reached for his face, wanting to lick his plush lips. “You’d better get used to it.”

One thrust and his head rolled back. His neck corded, muscles spasming, and his Adam’s apple exposed as he bellowed curses for the entire kingdom to hear.

I laid enraptured, full and hypnotized by all he was as my heart beat furiously.

When he looked down at me, his eyes were fevered, his expression painted with both pain and pleasure. My fingers drifted all on their own, tracing the hard and soft edges of his face. When they reached his lush mouth, his eyes softened, and he kissed them. “It feels different,” he said. “Being inside you feels different to any other time.”

Nodding, I agreed, my head barely feeling the hard surface beneath it. “Fun. They were fun. But this is…”

“Forever,” he said, lowering his lips to mine. “This feels endless.”

He kissed me with a fervor that matched the dance of his hips; his thick, swelling length filling me so completely that I gasped with every thrust. Slow and coaxing, the rhythm of his mouth matched his cock, reducing my body and all that I was to a puddle of pleasure-riddled compliance.