Page 47 of A King So Cold

I liked control. But I liked what Raiden did to me far better.

As though there really were a pot of magical gold at the end of a rainbow, he took me there, over and over again, blinding colors blurring as indescribable feelings coursed through me.

“One more,” he said.

We were now on the grass, and I was in his lap with my legs banded behind his back and my arms around his neck, holding every part of him as close to me as possible. Our clothing hung from our limbs, my skirts torn and stained around my waist.

“We couldn’t possibly,” I said, yet I kept moving over him, unwilling to separate myself from his body and the sensations it evoked.

He’d already filled me with his seed, twice, after making me lose myself three times.

Our kind could recuperate fast but never had Berron been able to stay inside me, half erect, and kiss me until he was steel pushing at all my pleasure points once more.

He tugged my lip into his mouth, dragging his teeth over the swollen flesh when he released it. “You can, and you will. Breathe with me.” He shifted his hands to my rear as he picked me up, keeping my hips against his to remain inside me as he laid me down on the grass some ways away from Van, who was now sleeping.

I reached for his muscular arms, that tattoo. He took my hands in his, spreading them above my head as my feet climbed his back. “I cannot leave now. You realize this, right?”

I laughed, but then he hit that spot and stars started appearing, his canines dragging across the skin of my neck. “No,” I breathed. “You can’t.”

He grinded his hips into mine. “Feeling my seed inside you, mingling with what I’ve expelled from you… I have to. I need to mark you.”

In answer, I moved my head back, too far gone to realize that I was allowing a male to mark me for the first time. A sign that wouldn’t always be seen, but rather, it would be felt by any others who approached me. They would know I was taken and not to be touched, but it wasn’t permanent. It lasted mere months before the male would need to mark again, unless he was done with that female, or she was done with him.

His teeth pierced my skin, just enough to puncture, his body, his scent, his touch, all of him—I spiraled into an abyss from which I feared I’d never return. He followed me instantly, roaring into my ear as he shook over me and filled me to the point of overflow.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to look at another male again after that, let alone seek one out for pleasure after the mark had worn off.

I needn’t have bothered so much as thinking it.

Two days later, Raiden was to leave Allureldin.

I’d contemplated not saying goodbye, unwilling to play the besotted female. I changed my mind at the last minute, fearing I’d be too late after he’d left me in bed that morning with only a lingering kiss to my forehead while I’d slept.

In the hallway outside my rooms, so caught up in my desperation, I rounded the corner and slammed into a steel-infused wall. Not a wall, I realized as I rubbed my aching nose, but a chest.

Zadicus gripped my shoulders, steadying me. “Apologies, Princess.”

“Darkness be damned, you asshole,” I groaned out, then remembered I had to run.

But he snatched my wrist as I made to leave. “Where are you off to in such a hurry so early?”

“That’s none of your business,” I said, pulling my wrist. “Let go.”

He wouldn’t relinquish his hold. His brows lowered, nostrils flaring slightly as he sniffed.

“What are you doing here anyway?” I asked, tugging to no avail. He showed no sign of strain as I pulled with all my might.

“Business meeting with your father,” he muttered, narrowed eyes burning into my neck.

I frowned, then Zad stepped closer, pushed my hair aside, and hissed, “He marked you?”

I’d almost forgotten about the mark, but I didn’t care. I wanted to scream at him, stab him, kick him, anything just to move already. “Release me,” I gritted between my teeth. “Now.”

“It’s…” He swallowed. “Distasteful,” he finally said, venom coating the word.

“I’m to be his wife,” I reminded him. “And you’re really starting to piss me off.”

Zad’s golden eyes lifted from my neck to meet my gaze, swirling with what looked to be rage.

The air became charged, likely from my panic over potentially missing Raiden, and the hand he’d wrapped around my wrist trembled before he dropped it and stalked away.

I blinked at where he’d stood, then shook the odd encounter off with a slew of curses.

I chased the rising sun through the back hallways of the castle and exploded out onto the courtyard, crossing it to the gardens. Accidentally knocking a groundskeeper to his rump, I growled and kept running, my breath fogging in the fading night as I came to a screeching stop before the stables and found Raiden’s carriage gone from where it had been parked beside them.