He smiles, then stands above me and kisses the insides of my knees. My heart flutters at his gentleness. He’s big and sexual and commanding, but the gesture is so tender I can’t help falling under his spell a little more.

It takes me a hot minute to realize he’s used the action to part my legs so he can step between them. Then he kneels at the edge of the bed and cups my thighs, spreading them even wider, before flashing me the dirtiest smile I’ve ever seen.

“That is one pretty pussy, angel.”

Even his words incite my ache again. It’s as if I didn’t just have the biggest orgasm of my life. As if I haven’t already experienced ecstasy twice tonight. And when he bends to plant a chaste kiss at the top of my mound before looking up my body to meet my gaze? I swear my womb melts and my ovaries explode. I want this man. I want him deep. I want him gentle and rough. I want him however he wants me.

“This is insane,” I murmur.

“This is heaven. That’s why I call you my angel.” He drags his fingers through my wet, sensitive folds, and I see satisfaction in his eyes. “I need to taste you.”

I tense. I was being honest when I said I wasn’t a fan of receiving oral sex. Not only does it take a long time to find satisfaction this way but it’s disconcertingly intimate. Yes, I fantasized about having his head between my legs earlier. But now that he’s leaning toward me and licking his lips, I worry. Am I too wet? Will I respond the way he wants? Will he like this with me?

He bends closer. I freeze up.

“Relax,” he murmurs.

I try…but it’s not that simple.

“Whatever you’re thinking, stop. Everything will be fine.” He breathes against my inner thigh just before he kisses it softly, his lips lingering. “If you don’t like it, tell me. I’ll back off.”


But the swagger in his posture and the grin on his face say he’s absolutely confident I’ll end up putty in his hands.

I’m beginning to believe he’s right. So far, everything he’s done to and with me has been exactly what I need. It’s as if he’s decoded the mysteries of my body no one else has managed to—even me. Maybe I simply need to trust that, when it comes to pleasure, he’s right.

I slide my feet farther apart and lift slowly to him in offering.

“What a good girl.” His approving stare belies his rough growl of arousal. “I’m going to reward you for your trust.”

Before I can decipher his meaning, he rakes his tongue between my folds, lingering at my opening. He moans as he laps at me, then licks his way up to my aching nub. He flicks it, toys with it, then sucks it slowly into his mouth, tormenting me with heat and friction.

The blinding pleasure is immediate. I let out a startled gasp as I arch and my hips jerk up involuntarily to him. He takes full advantage, clamping his fingers even tighter on my ass to keep me in place, then licking my pussy with greedy strokes as if he’s never tasted anything sweeter.

“Oh!” The sound slips out, startled and breathy.

“Oh…” His low reply sounds like something between a come-on and I told you so, which he accompanies with a slick-lipped smile.

Then he seems to latch his whole mouth over my aching sex, as if he can kiss it every bit as thoroughly as he kissed my mouth. I gasp.

My god, what is he doing to me? This definitely isn’t anything like the polite, half-hearted oral sex I’ve experienced in the past. This stranger isn’t remotely reluctant. As I glance down my body, it’s as if he’s put all his strength into my pleasure, spine arching, shoulders twisting, hands clutching possessively. Being with him feels amazing, eye-opening…and slightly forbidden.

My veins heat. My heart chugs. My toes curl. I flash hot all over. And suddenly the climax I was so sure would be impossible to feel barrels down on me. I can’t help myself. I dig my fingernails into his scalp with a cry as my spine twists. My blood begins to jet and boil and pool right between my legs, where I swear I’ve never felt an ache quite as shattering or exquisite as this.

“Please…” I manage to squeal out between ragged breaths.

“You even beg pretty.”

Though he’s speaking, he doesn’t relent. Not even a bit. He merely drags his thumb over the sensitive tip in a lazy sway that has my entire body tensing.


“You said earlier you didn’t much like oral. Change your mind?”

He knows the answer and is simply tormenting me. But it makes these moments he holds me suspended in his grasp even sharper.

“Yes. Oh, my…yes.”

He chuckles, and the vibration of his low rumble skitters across my nerves and ups the stimulation where I already ache. “Glad to hear you’ve stopped doubting me.”

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