She doesn’t know it means everything to me.

“Stop staring,” she mumbles, eyes still closed. “I look horrible in the morning.”

I laugh. “You look beautiful.”

Calla scoffs and opens one eye with a frown. “Sure. Sheet marks pressed into splotchy cheeks are sexy. And who can resist bedhead? I’m sure I need a toothbrush, too.”

“If you keep suggesting that I shouldn’t want to be inside you right now, I’m going to prove you wrong. And you know I’m perfectly capable of making my”—I press my erection into her hip—“point.”

Her lashes flutter open, and her blue eyes are like a visceral punch to my gut. Her lips are so softly pink, like the first flowers of a new spring. Yeah, that’s really fucking poetic for me, but I like this color so much better than the va-voom red she was sporting yesterday in the bar.

“You’re crazy,” she says. “I’m ridiculously pale without makeup. I’m sure I’m bloated from the wine. And I’ll bet I looked way better last night than I will in full sunlight this morning.”

I roll her onto her hip, facing me. Then I give her luscious behind a hearty slap. “You’re saucy this morning. Do you need a spanking and a fucking?”

A little smile plays at her lips. “I just might.” Then as if she remembers something horrible, she sits up, clutching the sheet. “Shit. What time is it?”

I look at the clock on the nightstand. “Nine thirty.”

“What?” Her eyes bulge. “I never sleep that long.”

“Me, either.” I’m lucky if I sleep more than four hours a night. Last night? Nearly nine hours. “What time do you have to be at…wherever you’re going today?”

“With my mom?” She wrinkles her nose. “I told her I’d meet her for lunch at one. What about you?”

“My dad wants to have a drink with me about three. But I should be free again by seven at the latest.”

She shakes her head. “I won’t be staying that long. As soon as this farce is over, I’m leaving.”

I don’t know what shit show she’s facing today, but I like her idea. “Good point. I’ll book out of there right after dinner. Give me your number, angel. I’ll call you as soon as my command performance is over.”

I grab my phone, and she rattles off her number. I send her a quick text so she has mine, too. When it dings, she slides out of bed, all pink and totally unselfconscious, then smiles when she sees my message.


“Not yet.” I set my phone aside. “It will be perfect when you come over here and let me prove how gorgeous you are to me this morning. I’ll put a smile on your face, too.”

“You sweet talker…” She grins as she saunters toward me, all swaying hips and intriguing allure. “But afterward, you have to feed me. It will be a very bad day if I have to face my mother’s stupidity on an empty stomach.”

“I pre-ordered last night. It will arrive at ten thirty.”

Her smile widens. “You might be the most wonderful man on the planet. Until the eggs come, I’m all yours.”

There are a million things I want to do to Calla. Sweet things like kiss her until she swoons. Filthy things like bend her over the nearby desk and fill that tempting ass with my cock until she cries out in agonized bliss. And if I keep feeling about her the way I’m feeling right now, I’ll move heaven and earth to spend more than the weekend with her. I’ll make her mine so I’ll have eternity to do every romantic and dirty thing to her I can think of.

Right now, I just want to be close to her.

“Come here.” I sit up and I loop my fingers around her wrist, drawing her in between my spread legs.

“What?” She bites her lip.

Her come-hither expression lights me on fire.

I press kisses to the swells of her breasts, then coax her to lean in so I can trail my lips up her neck. With my free hand, I reach onto the nightstand for a condom.

Calla moans and offers me the graceful line of her throat.

I love melting her. “How about you be a good girl and straddle me so I can fuck you?”

Her breath catches. “Wouldn’t that make me a bad girl?”

“No, it’s going to be damn good for me. I’ll make it good for you, too.”

“You always do.”

I smile as my mouth wends back down to her nipples and I take them in my mouth, one after the other, in long, lingering licks that soon have her tightening her fingers around my shoulders even as she melts onto my lap. I rip the foil packet open and sheathe myself just in time to lift her up by her small waist and down onto my stiff cock.

She takes in my length with a sharp, agonized gasp. “Quint!”

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