“You’re in your skin, aren’t you?”

A little smile flits across her lips. “I’ll bet you’re a real smooth talker.”

“No.” I don’t normally waste my time. “I want you naked, Calla.”

“What about you?”

Maybe she doesn’t realize that her shy, flirty question is only torquing me up. That everything about her makes my cock impatient and hard. Or that once I take my pants off, I’ll be shoving my way inside her.

She’ll figure it out.

“Trust me. You’re going to get every inch.” I take her by the shoulders—fuck, she’s so soft—and peer into her face, deep into those blue eyes. “Any hard limits? Things you won’t do in bed?”


Oh, fuck. She might as well have just lit me on fire. “You might regret that answer, angel.”

“You might,” she counters. “I’m not usually very…sexual.”

Her words ping around my brain. Not very sexual? Says who?

“But for some reason,” she continues as she reaches behind her back and unclasps her bra, “I feel different with you.”

Yeah, I feel different with her, too. More dialed in. More…connected. More determined to give her a better experience than she’s ever had.

As she slides the underwire garment down her arms, I hold my breath. It falls to the floor. Then she’s standing half-naked before me, golden tresses tumbling well past her trembling shoulders. I lose my goddamn mind.

Her tits are perky. The round undercurves look lush above her rib cage. Her button nipples are topped with hard candy crests. I want them—in my hands, in my mouth, surrounding my cock.

I crook my finger at her. “Come here.”

On graceful footfalls, she complies, her stare fused to mine. When she stops in front of me, she raises a soft hand and skims her fingertips over my shoulder. Her free hand lifts to the other, and her touch turns to a caress. I have to try not to shudder. I have to work even harder not to throw her flat on her back and bury myself inside her. Since I plan to do a lot of thoroughly filthy things to her tonight, I let her take me in and get comfortable with my body, with the feel of my skin on hers.

“I want to touch you everywhere,” she whispers.

“I won’t stop you.”

A smile skips across her face as her fingertips skate down my pecs, float over my ribs, trail down my abs…and flirt with my waistband.

I suck in a breath. “Angel…”

“What?” She plucks at the button of my pants.

“You’re playing with fire.”

Her smile widens. “Am I?”

Oh, so she’s trying to tease me? “You know you are.”

And two can play that game.

“Are you going to let me?” She pops my button free and reaches for my zipper.

I grip her wrist. “Be very sure.”

She ignores me and eases my fly open with a quiet hiss, then slips her hand inside to wrap around my cock. “I think your bark is worse than your bite.”

Her touch burns in the best way. I suck air in through my teeth to counter the sizzle. “If you keep that up, you’re going to find out how wrong you are.”

“That sounds ominous.” But her sultry stare from under the fringe of her dark lashes says otherwise. So does the way she leans in to press butterfly kisses along my pecs and shoulders.


“Yes?” She strokes me softly, rhythmically, as her little pink tongue peeks out to lave my shoulder before she nips it. “You keep warning me. I don’t think you mean it.”

“You’re dead fucking wrong.”

I wrap my hands around her small waist and lift her off the floor. She yelps and releases me, blinking and sputtering as I shove the duvet aside and plant her, back flat, on my sheets. Before she’s even stopped bouncing, I hook my fingers into the waistband of her panties and yank them down, tearing them past her feet and sailing them across the room with an absent flick of my wrist.

All my attention is on her slender thighs and the soft, sweet pussy in between. The dusting of blond hair tells me the pale tresses on her head that hang in gentle waves damn near to her waist are natural. She’s slick, her folds puffy.

“Fuck, you’re like a buffet. It all looks so good I can’t decide where to start.”

A little blush steals up her cheeks, and I’m fucking glad no other pervert has corrupted her. Suddenly, I’m wishing I had more time to do the job properly, but I’ll damn sure make good use of tonight.

“What do you want?” Her silky feminine voice taunts me.

To let you know who’s boss in the bedroom. “I want to spank your ass.”

I don’t give her even an instant to respond, merely sit beside her and lift her squirming form facedown over my lap.

She lifts her gaze to me, eyes wide with shock. “You’re serious?”

“Never been spanked?”

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