She nods, then stops, frowns, and finally shakes her head. “I need to touch you more.”

Before I know what she’s got in mind, she drops to her knees between my thighs, reaches into my fly, and wraps her hand around my cock. Her mouth follows, enveloping me into her slick, hot depths, sucking like she’s desperate to inhale me.

I let out a long, low growl of appreciation and fill my fists with her silky hair. “Yeah. Fuck, angel. Suck me. Oh, that feels so damn good.”

She whimpers, head easing back in a slow, thorough stroke. She circles the head, then sucks me back in deep, her lips pursing around the base before dragging the shaft back up her tongue and repeating the process all over again.

My heart revs. All the blood in my body rushes to my cock. The sight of Calla, hair mussed and pale as her head bobs between my legs, damn near unwinds all my self-control. I hoped she would want more of the chemistry between us. I prayed she’d go crazy in my arms. I felt sure she’d make me insane. But I didn’t expect her to engulf me in her mouth as if her life depended on it.

It’s not merely the pleasure itself that’s melting me but the way she gives it to me like she’s aching to. The way she’s worshipping me, caressing me everywhere, every chance she gets. It’s heady and addicting. And so fucking easy to lose myself… But I don’t just want a blow job from this woman. I want to be inside her, as deep as a man can get. I want to stay there as long as she’ll let me. I want to mesh our bodies together until she no longer cares where she ends and I begin.

“Angel.” When she ignores me, I tug on her hair just enough to stop her stroke and get her attention.

She sits back on her heels and looks up at me with blinking blue eyes, a glossy red mouth, and a pleading face. “I don’t want to stop.”

“I know.” I thumb her pouty lower lip. “But we’ve got all night. Let me touch you. Let me make you feel good.”

Let me give you what you need.

Slowly, Calla nods and casts her eyes down. She can’t possibly know what that does for me, but I’ll reward her anyway.

Hooking a finger under her chin, I lift her gaze again and make her meet my stare. “Stand up, angel.”

When I hold out my hand to her, she takes it. Her little gasp tells me she feels something sizzling between us, too. It’s crazy and not like anything I’ve experienced before.

When she rises to her feet, I pull her in. Her breasts are inches from my face. Holy shit.

I cup one and bring it to my lips, caressing it with my tongue. And as she sighs, her body swaying toward me, I drag the crest into my mouth. She’s both soft and firm. Her nipple tightens between my lips. And when I nip at the sensitive tip with my teeth, she yelps and presses her thighs together like she can barely contain the ache.

“Oh, my god,” she murmurs as her eyes slide shut and her head lolls back. “Please.”

I turn my attention to her other breast, still cradling the first in my hand. “Please more?”

She answers with a whimper as she clutches my head and draws me closer. “What are you doing to me?”

“Everything you’ll let me.” I run my tongue up the side of her breast before I take her nipple back into my mouth.

She grips me harder. The little sounds she makes at the back of her throat get louder. She shifts her weight and presses her thighs together again.

Good luck relieving that ache until I’m good and ready to end it…

In fact, I’m eager to add to her torment.

Sliding my palms down her body until I’m cupping her thighs, I lift one and set her foot on the edge of the mattress beside me. She stiffens and clutches my shoulders as she teeters to find her new center of balance.

I grip her hips to steady her. “I won’t let you fall. I promise. Relax.”

As if she only needed my words to reassure her, she does, losing herself again the moment I take her nipple back into my mouth and suck deep. I hear her soft sigh, watch her eyes close as pleasure furrows her brows and parts her lips.

Then I drag my thumb across her clit and make two thrilling-as-hell discoveries. First, she’s deliciously slick and ripe for fucking. Second, her bud is beyond hard. And when I touch it, she jolts like I’ve touched her with a live wire.


I do it again.

“Oh, my…” she groans. “Yes!”

With a smile, I find her opening and shove two thick fingers inside her pussy as I begin rubbing relentless circles against her clit with my anchoring thumb. She digs her nails into my shoulders and bites her lip, but the pleading sounds still escape.

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