“Mr. Nelson, my parents are on a walk,” she whispers. “They’ll be home any second. We have to act fast.”

I growl.

“Then you’re okay with me doing this?” I ask, stroking her lush curls.

A seductive smile crosses that pretty pout.

“I’m more than okay with it,” she breathes. “I want more.”

That’s all I have to hear. My hand snakes beneath her sweater, cupping a large, full breast. I groan at the tightness in my pants.

“And this? Is this still okay for you?”

She pulls back a bit, her expression soft and needy.

“Michael, I want you to.” I can’t believe my ears. It’s decided. I’m going to make love to her, right here on her parent’s couch.

Slowly, I maneuver her backwards until she’s lying on the overstuffed cushions. Then, I kiss her softly and gently, as if I’m trying to test the depth of the waters. Her passion flows through me like a tidal wave as she pulls my face downward and forces me to kiss her thoroughly. I’m so turned on by her confidence in this moment, and I give into my baser desires.

Part of me wishes I could wait. I’d love to take Tilly back to my house where we could feel secure. I’d lay her down on the white fur rug in front of a lit fire, rose petals spread on the ground around us. I could have wine ready and plenty of sweets to enjoy afterwards with my curvy, luscious girl.

But I’m not waiting and there are no such niceties at hand. My body is ten steps ahead of my mind. I’ve already ripped her blouse open and I’m taking off her bra. Her breasts are so supple and large. I drop the pink bra on the floor below us and eagerly move in to kiss her sweet breasts. Her back arches in anticipation, offering those hard crests for my pleasure. I catch her head in my hand as it drops back, holding her steady as I kiss my way down, and then very slowly, back up her body. Every sense is heightened; she trembles at even the gentlest touch.

I take her hands and place them above her head, holding them steady with my free hand. The other is making its way downward, past the waistband of her tight denim jeans. My hand navigates blindly until it finds the soft skin beneath her silk panties, and I almost lose it when I feel how tight she is. It crosses my mind that she’s probably still a virgin.

Suddenly, reality slaps me across the face. This is wrong. I’m much older than Tilly, and in fact I have a daughter the same age. Tilly’s only a high school senior, for crying out loud! What’s gotten into me?

But the curvy girl must sense my hesitation, because she looks up at me and in the sexiest little voice says, “Michael, please don’t stop.”

That’s it. I’m going to make this good for her.

I slip my fingers back inside of her, gently lifting her bottom off the couch, my other hand beneath her hips. Fumbling, I undo the button at my waistband, letting my member spring free. I make sure that Tilly doesn’t see because my size would surprise an inexperienced girl.

She’s thrashing on the couch now, breathing heavily, and her moans are growing louder. She’s starting to let herself get lost in the moment, and I want to experience it with her.

I feel her tighten around my fingers as I pull my hand away, and her eyes open with the loss.

“Shhh,” I murmur in her ear. “It’s coming, sweetheart.”

Slowly, her eyes focus on me with wonder, and their caramel depths are so beautiful that my heart stops.

“I want you inside of me Mr. Nelson. Is that wrong?”

“Your wish is my command, Ms. Mortensen.”

I ease myself inside her tight channel, and she lets out a deep moan. She drops her head back as I thrust gently, going slow given the resistance. I’m holding her tight by the hips and pulling her towards me, careful about her pleasure.

But feeling the clutch of her hands at my back throws me over the top. I wrap her hair around my hand and gently yank her head back once more, forcing her back to arch in such a way that her nipples come in reach of my mouth. I take one gently between my teeth, causing her to cry out.

I give one last hard thrust and then hold myself inside of her.

“Oh Tilly,” I moan, letting out a deep, satisfied groan as I come. “Oh shit, sweetheart.”

She mewls beneath me, her pussy contracting with ecstasy.

“Mr. Nelson,” she cries. “You feel so gooood!”

She’s coming hard, and I hold still even as her pussy clutches around me. She thrashes and moans, the contractions squeezing every last drop of fluid from my member. After it’s over, I release her hair and wrap my arm around her back to cushion the sweet girl. Then, I lay back onto the couch once more and she rests her head on my chest. I hear her breathing heavily, those large breasts pressed against my side.

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