My thoughts get even naughtier.

I hope he does that thing where he slid into me while simultaneously using his knees to push my legs wide open. He is so suave and fluid with his movements. There was never an awkward moment, even moving from one position to the next. I just love the way he’s able to move and carry me throughout the entire experience. It was like giving myself over to him. It was liberating. Certainly, it will be happening again tonight.

Smiling, I choose a burgundy lipstick to match the red blouse. One final glance in the mirror to make sure everything is perfect, and I blow a kiss at the girl I see. I think I look great. I just hope he thinks so too.

“Mom, I’m taking the car!” I call from the hallway. “Nicole and I going to stay up late watching chick flicks after bowling, so I’ll probably just end up staying the night.”

Gertie appears from the kitchen, and I try to watch for any tell-tale signs on her face that might signal she knows I’m lying.

“Okay, sweetie, be safe! Call if you need anything.”

Everything’s normal. My mom has no reason to think I would be lying to her. After all, I’ve never really had a reason to before now. I feel a tinge of guilt as I grab my keys off the hook, but then smile.

This is different because I have no choice but to lie to them in this scenario. There is no way in the world Mom and Dad would ever understand. I have to lie to protect them, and to give Michael a fair shot.

With this thought, Nicole’s words ring in my ear for a moment. I need to be careful because he is a powerful executive while I’m just a high school girl. Am I maybe reading too much into this? Do we really have a chance at a relationship?

I brush this thought off quickly. Michael may be older, but he’s sincere. I didn’t get the sense that he was playing me in any way, or that he’s just using me for sex. I drive to the other side of the tracks in silence, feeling both anxiety and anticipation at what the night will bring.



The address Mike texted me takes me to the outer reaches of our town. The houses begin to grow in size, as does the space between them. I didn’t realize Riverdale even had homes like these.

The houses change from modest split-levels insulated by siding and adorned with a rocking chair or two on the front porch to borderline mansions. Literally, these houses seem to be three times the size of mine, with manicured lawns and luxury sedans parked out front.

I pull into the driveway marked 1754 Mercantile Way and pull the brake on my humble used Chevy. I linger to turn off my headlights even as my eyes widen. Before me stands a red brick, two-story home. The large foyer window allows passersby to see an elegant chandelier dressed in gold, with dangling crystals that catch the sunset.

Off the front door is not a rocking chair, but a stone path that winds through the landscaping. Delicate white and pink flowers gently fence in the pathway. I feel as if I’m arriving at a ball as I make my way to ring the bell at the front door. All I need is a long, poufy gown, and Heathcliff to greet me at the door.

As the large wooden door slowly opens, I’m half expecting to see a butler or a maid of sorts. But it’s Mike, and my heart double beats. He’s wearing black dress slacks and a white button up shirt. A shiny gold watch sits on his wrist. I notice that his face is shaved and that he’s gelled his hair back.

He’s trying to look nice for me.

My anxiety dissipates and I smile at him.

“Hello Michael.”

“Good evening, Tilly. Come on in,” he says in a deep voice.

Smiling, I step forward. I would bet any dollar amount that I’m blushing right now. My feet feel stuck as I look around the foyer, taking it all in. There are giant portraits, a bronze mirror, and fancy copper colored leather couches sitting adjacent to a huge sandstone-encased fireplace. His home is astounding, and that’s just based off what I can see from the front door.

Move Tilly, move. At least say something. Anything!

Mike eases the tension by putting his hand on the small of my back to direct me to the sitting room.

“Did you have any trouble finding the place?” he asks.

“No not at all, my GPS took me right here. Embarrassing as it is to admit, I truly depend on that thing to get from point A to point B. I was quite surprised to see this area though because I’ve never been to this part of town before. I didn’t even realize there were homes back here, to be honest. I guess I always assumed it was all industrial once you got this far outside the city limits.”

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