“You know Tilly, I realize we never finished our conversation the other night. I’m sure you have to get back to your family, but if you have a moment to spare, I was hoping maybe we could pick up where we left off.”

I look at Nicole, trying to hide my excitement. She instantly understands.

“Well, I’m off to find my parents. We’re on for that movie night tonight after our family graduation dinners, right Til?” she asks.

“Yes girl, of course! I’ll text you when we’re finishing up.”

“Sounds good,” she says before turning towards Michael. “It was nice seeing you, Mr. Nelson!” she sings. Of course, Nicole is trying her best to mask the knowing grin on her face.

“You too. Congrats and good luck at college, Nicole.”

Then, Michael puts his hand on my shoulder and turns me down the nearest hallway, looking back to make sure no one has noticed us walking away together.

“Til. I like that. It’s sexy,” he says to me with a sly grin. “You know I’ve never asked, what does Tilly stand for anyways?”

“My full name is Matilda.”

His eyes light up as he opens the door to the last classroom in the hallway and gestures for me to head inside, before closing the door behind us. The classroom is dark and casts us in shadow.

Suddenly, Michael is very close to me.

“Ms. Matilda Mortensen, you’re the hottest professor in school. It seems I’ve forgotten my homework. Maybe you can reprimand me to make sure I never do it again?” he asks in a husky voice.

Here?! Michael wants to fuck me in an empty classroom right after graduation? And for the first time in all these months, he’s expecting me to take the lead? Nicole is NOT going to believe this.

But I’m titillated at the opportunity. I bite my bottom lip and twirl one of my curls as I slowly step towards him. I’m caught off guard when he picks me up and sets me on one of the desks. I slowly wind his tie around my left hand and then firmly pull him in, opening my legs so I can get him as close to me as possible. I pull his forehead to mine, and then stop. I can already feel my breath begin to quicken.

Michael doesn’t wait. He grabs the back of my head firmly and pulls my lips to his, his tongue pushing into my mouth and beginning to dance with my own. I release his tie and begin to undo the buttons at the top of his dress shirt, diving my hand underneath to feel his firm chest. He moans into my mouth as he presses his body tighter into mine.

“I need to have you. Right here and right now, Matilda.”

Goosebumps cover my body. I jump up and slip off my dress, excitedly watching as his shirt comes the rest of the way undone. He takes off his belt and unzips his pants, but then stops when he catches a glimpse of my almost naked body. He grins like a teenage boy and stops what he is doing to help me off with the rest of my clothes.

Then, Michael drops to his knees and begins to kiss just above my lace panties. His lips send sparks through me with each touch. He runs one finger gently down the lace, underneath the fabric, and then deep, deep inside of me. I feel my knees begin to buckle and can’t help but let out a quiet cry of pleasure.

“You’re so wet baby. Oh my god, you feel so good.” He’s moving his finger slowly in and out of my vagina, his thumb massaging my clit. I put one hand on his shoulder to brace myself, grabbing his soft black hair with the other.

He shoots me a devilish grin and pushes two fingers firmly up inside of me. He grabs my panties with his teeth, nipping my skin slightly in the process. He pulls them down to just above my knees before working his way back up my thighs with his tongue.

He teases me with one gentle kiss where his thumb was and then presses his head into my stomach, pleasuring me fast and hard with his hand. He seems to be just as turned on as me, beginning to moan in anticipation himself.

“I want you to orgasm, Tilly. I want to make you feel better than you ever have before.”

“Michael, I’m so close. I’m about to…”

Suddenly, the door bursts open and we’re caught in a shaft of light.

“Dad?” comes a screechy voice. “What are you doing?”



I’m harder than I’ve ever been, feeling Tilly pulsating around my fingers. I have her melting at my touch. I can smell her honey, and it’s sweet like flowers. I can’t help but lean in for a taste. I slide my tongue up into her warmth, stopping part way to exhale a hot breath onto her which makes her begin to tremble. I feel her begin to drip from the inside. She is on the verge of orgasm.

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