Playing with Her Doctors

Author: S.E. Law
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 61

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Playing with Her Doctors

Getting pregnant? A big deal. Getting pregnant by your handsome, hands-on personal physician? An even bigger deal. And don’t forget, he has a business partner who loves being in on the action as well.
I’ve put off seeing a doctor for a long time, so when I finally work up the nerve, I decide to go for the best. Doctors Ryder Stephenson and Ranger Stevens have a very exclusive practice on Park Avenue. They’re two incredibly gorgeous, rich as all hell plastic surgeons with a helluva magic touch.
Except, my consultation goes off the rails.
My physicians are completely irresistible, and the temperature in the exam room heats up until it’s near sizzling. We’re damn near breaking the law.
But you know what I really want?
A baby.
… And the doctors are only too happy to oblige. They tell me to come back for another consultation … and another … and another … until soon, I’m a mommy-to-be.
Yeah, whoops. This wasn’t supposed to happen.
But now, I want it all, and the gorgeous, huge, growly physicians won’t stop until I’m mommy to a dozen of their children.

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