Why a Marauding Marquess is Best (Romancing the Rake 4)

Author: Tammy Andresen
Category: Romance | Historical
Series: Romancing the Rake
Total pages: 40

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Why a Marauding Marquess is Best (Romancing the Rake 4)

He's no woman's fool...

The Marquess of Hartwell will not be taken in by the Moorish clan and especially not the ridiculous Juliet Moorish. She's got her head in the clouds, which makes her a danger to everyone around her, as she sets about hatching little schemes. So what if her auburn hair is so lush and lovely, and he's begun daydreaming about running his fingers thought the locks? And the pretty pink of her lips, that's not making his heart beat any faster. No. He'll ignore her charms and focus on keeping her from destroying his cousin's life. The only problem: her sweet kisses might just ruin his own.

She'll not let one annoying marquess get in her way...

Juliet has plans. The first is getting her eldest sister, Ophelia, to the altar with a duke. Which shouldn't be difficult; the two are madly in love. The second is to find her own Prince Charming. She's picked out the perfect candidate, a viscount no less. Now if she can just keep one meddling Marquess from ruining all her plans, she'll be set. The only issue is that said marquess keeps popping up at the most unwelcome times. Just when she's about to tell him how absolutely dreadful he is, he kisses her. And well... it's quite delightful really. And wrong. She's already in love...isn't she?

Does she hate him or love him? Is he all wrong or perfectly right? Because this comedy of romantic errors, it's enough to make a girl scream in frustration. Or sigh in satisfaction. Perhaps she'll need to kiss him again to know for certain...