Author: Red Garnier
Category: Paranormal | Romance
Total pages: 26

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Stella McKenna has lived a predictable, ordinary life. At least it was ordinary, until "she" began to haunt her...
Her name is Faith Harrison, and they say he killed her.
Stella has heard the stories repeatedly, but they aren't what worries her. What worries her are the visions. Visions of things she hasn't been told, intimate things about him; about the man the townsfolk hate with such vengeance, the one they call Villain.
Thirty years ago, Gabriel Hunter cast a powerful spell, and now he waits in torment. Faith would come back to him. She "had" to come back to him.
Instead, he is visited by Stella McKenna, a woman he's sure was sent just to torture him. Kill him with his very lust for her!
His desire is strong. Stronger than he is, stronger than his spell, stronger than anything. But if he yields to Stella McKenna and her supple body, her fair skin, and his want of her, he'll lose the love of his life forever...