Hard Miles Ahead (Black Mountain Bikers 4)

Author: Scott Wylder
Category: MC | Romance | Biker
Series: Black Mountain Bikers
Total pages: 10

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Hard Miles Ahead (Black Mountain Bikers 4)

Tavia O’Brien has always chosen her men by making sure they fit into a conservative set of standards.

Jensen seemed to fit the bill nicely.

Until they go to a Biker Rally in Florida and he willingly disappears into the crowd.

Daric Miles finds her cooling off in an alley.

He’s hotter than the humid Florida weather.

He’s hotter than her lost boyfriend.

Things really heat up when Tavia agrees to cool down with Daric.

She wants him to totally dominate her and their foreplay is as sexy as it gets.

The next morning, after exhausting bedroom romps, Daric asks Tavia to stay with him and forget the boyfriend.

Is she ready to do that? Will she reject her current man to be with the completely satisfying Daric who fits none of her conservative standards?

Tavia has a decision to make and she’s sure there are Hard Miles Ahead for her with either decision.