Starfire (Grim Gate 2)

Author: Emily Goodwin
Category: Romance | Fantasy | Science Fiction | Paranormal
Series: Grim Gate
Total pages: 93

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Starfire (Grim Gate 2)

They say if you take a secret to the grave, the truth will stay buried.


But that’s not exactly true in my case, and each hidden truth that surfaces turns out to be even more dangerous than the last. As a medium, I’m used to seeing the line that divides the living from the dead. Almost crossing said line? Yeah…I’ll never get used to that.


Though every secret I unearth seems to push me closer and closer to that very fate. I’m not exactly helpless this time around, at least. I’ve spent the last few months training and learning everything I can about magic, and having a demon-hunting boyfriend doesn’t hurt either.


Just when it seems like I’m finally getting things figured out, I discover the biggest lie of them all, and it changes everything…including my ability to trust the very person I thought I could count on more than anyone, leaving me to face the darkness just how I did before.