Oil Rig

Author: Olivia T. Turner
Category: Erotic | Adult | Romance
Total pages: 23

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Oil Rig

We’re old school on my oil rig.

There’s no fancy equipment or high-tech computers, just brute strength with jacked muscles.

A bunch of roughnecks stuck in the ocean for months at a time, working hard physical labor while trying not to kill each other.

So what happens when an innocent angel with mesmerizing curves shows up at the rig in a boat?

Everyone wants her, but she’s mine.

It’s time to show these roughnecks who the true alpha of this oil rig is.

And it’s time to show this beauty that she belongs in my possessive arms.

She washed up on my rig, which means she’s mine.

I’m keeping her.

And we’re in international waters, so there’s no one to stop me…