The Sheikh's Quadruplet Baby Surprise (The Sheikh's Baby Surprise 4)

Author: Holly Rayner
Category: Romance | Billionaire Romance
Series: The Sheikh's Baby Surprise
Total pages: 18

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The Sheikh's Quadruplet Baby Surprise (The Sheikh's Baby Surprise 4)

This time, good things will come in fours…

After many years of putting blood, sweat and tears into this most personal of projects, top researcher Madeline Palmerston has developed a revolutionary new fertility treatment, one she’s confident will give hope to thousands of women. The only problem? A corrupt government intent on blocking the drug from being tested.

Desperate to see her breakthrough helping couples worldwide, Maddy hatches a plan: she’ll trial the drug on none other than herself, and who better to father the child than the irresistibly handsome CEO she happens to have long harbored feelings for, Sheikh Akim Al-Farzi? There’s just one awkward conversation she’ll need to have first: in order for the trial to be effective, the child must be conceived naturally.

Sensing an unmissable opportunity to advertise his company’s new drug, the Sheikh agrees, and before long, Maddy is pregnant. What Maddy didn’t consider, however, is that the treatment might be overly effective. Four times too effective, in fact!

This is a standalone Sheikh romance novel from best-selling author Holly Rayner. It contains a guaranteed HEA, and a tale of romance that will capture your heart.