The Cowboy's Virgin Baby Momma

Author: Jenna Jacob
Category: Romance | Western
Total pages: 104

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The Cowboy's Virgin Baby Momma

She’s young, innocent—and his enemy…

but she might be the answer to his problems.


Austin Carson has zero desire to find a bride or have babies. He’s too busy working the cattle ranch he hopes to inherit one day to settle down and procreate. Besides, his track record with women isn’t the best…

But when his surly neighbor’s alluring and way too young granddaughter, Paige Nelson, arrives for a visit, Austin’s life takes a sexy turn for the forbidden he can’t refuse. And once he’s tasted the skittish beauty’s innocence…one nibble will never be enough.

But there’s a hitch. The Carsons and the Nelsons have been feuding for a century and a half. If Austin wants Paige for more than a night, he’ll have to bury the hatchet and face his fears so he can prove he’s the cowboy of her dreams.