Playboy Billionaire

Author: Sophia March
Category: Romance | Billionaire Romance
Total pages: 84

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Playboy Billionaire

I don’t need a husband. But my family feels differently—

Antonio San Giovanni is no one’s husband material. A sexy-as-sin playboy with as little interest in marriage as me, he’s nevertheless the husband that’s been picked for me by my family, eager to claw their way back up to our former status.

Fortunately, Antonio and I are in perfect agreement on what to do. We’ll pretend to date, until I can convince my family that there’s a better way to do this. The rules? In public, we’re LA’s new golden couple, but in private? No kissing, no touching, and definitely nothing—more.

Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. Anthony is gorgeous, charismatic, and our chemistry is off the charts. And when a rogue FBI agent and encroaching danger forces us into closer proximity than ever? I might not be as immune to Anthony’s charms as I thought.

I said I didn’t want to fall in love. But this playboy billionaire might just be the one to win my heart.

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