Hook, Line, Infinity, Part 3

Author: Shayla Hart
Category: Romance | Erotic | Adult
Total pages: 43

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Hook, Line, Infinity, Part 3

Rein Valdez
Someone once said, the greater the love the harder the fall.
I rolled my eyes so hard I was sure saw my brain when I read that in one of the catalogue of cheesy magazines my aunt left lying around the house.
Unlike the women in my family, I didn’t believe in love. Shit, I had trouble loving myself let alone another man.
To me, love is nothing more than an over-hyped conception, a chemical reaction programmed into us so we could procreate.
And I had no intention of ever allowing a man close enough to break my heart like the many that broke my mothers and ultimately ended her life.
But, there I sat at the tender age of seventeen, blissfully oblivious of the devastation that was awaiting me.
And the name of that sinful yet beautiful devastation is Talon Saxton.
My professor.
My saviour.
My ruin.