Detest (DeLancy Crime Family)

Author: E.C. Land
Category: Romance | Crime | Adult
Total pages: 36

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Detest (DeLancy Crime Family)

I had one rule: don't sleep with the talent. Yet, I had no problem breaking it for her.


My family had dealt with nefarious people for most of our lives. We became accustomed to it. In fact, we were raised by someone who was the worst of them all. We knew what to look out for, and we became a stronger family unit because of what we endured.

Things had just begun to settle down. Our family had kept another war from starting with a rival family, and for a while the coast was clear. As the one who manages the club we own, Diamond Dancers, I was simply ensuring the show would go on.

We were waiting for our breakout star to come from Europe. We'd booked her a while back, but were forced to wait until she had finished up her previous contractual obligation. I figured she was a phenomenal burlesque dancer, considering my sister-in-law recommended her for the job.

What I didn't expect was that she'd be the most beautiful woman I'd ever meet. One look at her and undeniable desire coursed through me. I knew I couldn't have her. She worked for me, and I never wanted to be that man.

But I saw the way she looked at me too. She was fighting the same urges, and in no time I knew we'd come crashing together. I just never thought it would be quite this powerful.