Tamed By the Bratva Prince (Mafia Bad Boys: The Ismailovs)

Author: Jailaa West
Category: Romance | Crime | Adult
Total pages: 25

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Tamed By the Bratva Prince (Mafia Bad Boys: The Ismailovs)

Family first. Venedikt has always followed that command. He can’t get distracted now. Not when his family is finally closing in on an old enemy. His family needs him to focus. But how can he when a sultry temptress makes him an offer he can’t refuse?


Sasha's not giving her heart or her innocence away for free! So she makes a plan. A good plan. A great plan. Until she met Ven. And then nothing went as planned.


Sasha’s a beautiful young woman determined to sell what should only be given. Innocence she should have saved for the man she loves. But she didn’t do that. Instead, she came to sell. But he doesn’t buy...ever. He takes. She will be his. Owned. Protected. Possessed.