Taken by the Rebel

Author: Sam Crescent
Category: Romance | New Adult | Erotic
Total pages: 35

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Taken by the Rebel

The moment Fay sees her best friend’s brother, Blaze, at an illegal fight, she’s screwed. As soon as he spots her, she tries to escape, but he captures her. He’s so angry to find her there, and when the cops show up, he has no choice but to hide with her.

Blaze has wanted Fay for a long time, and he’s manipulated and worked to get her exactly where he wants her. Now that she realizes what he's capable of, there is no holding back.

She’s had a silly school girl’s crush on him, but she could never act on it. He has other ideas, and he won’t take no for an answer when this fire smolders between them.

He keeps so many secrets, and neither knows what will happen when they tell her best friend.

What has he done to get her to this point where he can keep her?