The Biker's Baby (Royal Bastards MC: Charleston, WV 10)

Author: Glenna Maynard
Category: Biker | Romance | MC
Series: Royal Bastards MC: Charleston, WV
Total pages: 41

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The Biker's Baby (Royal Bastards MC: Charleston, WV 10)

Trouble always finds me or more like I find it. I did a bad thing and two people paid the price. I have nowhere to hide. Nowhere to run to except Charleston, WV. I run fast and hard into the arms of a man who thinks he can save me. I was born bad, and I’ll die that way too, but Hound sees the good in me. The woman he thinks I can be. He’s determined to bind me to him in every way possible. Stopping at nothing to make me his including getting me pregnant on purpose.
I knew Karma was meant to be my Ol’ Lady the moment I met her. She’s wild and fearless. The kind of woman you’ll move heaven and hell to protect and claim for your own. I’ll do whatever it takes to make her mine. I won’t stop until I see my ink on her skin, my ring on her finger, and her belly swollen with my child.