Finding Her Cyborg

Author: M.K. Eidem
Category: Adult | Romance | Science Fiction
Total pages: 78

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Finding Her Cyborg

Talyani Zulfiqar has been an interplanetary superstar since she won the Worlds competition at the age of thirteen. Her mother is a socialite of renowned beauty, and her father is a powerful Supreme Judge. From the outside, her life is perfect, but Taly had a secret and someone for whom she'd sacrifice everything.

Ranvir Somerled had been proud to serve and protect the people of Kirs as a member of the Cyborg Military Elite. Orphaned at a young age, it was the only family he had left. Then Emperor Shui, in his quest for power, destroyed that family, and he became a rebel.

With their world in chaos, can two drastically different people find a way to survive and maybe even love? Or will their secrets and misunderstandings tear them apart?