Bound to Cruelty

Author: J.L. Beck
Category: Adult | Romance | Dark
Total pages: 79

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Bound to Cruelty

I’m the shadows that reach out and take a bite. No one sees me coming, which is why I’m sent to do the things even our fearless leader won’t touch.

After months of watching our enemies it’s time to take them out. I’m ready to feel their blood on my hands, their worthless lives ground to dust.

But I don’t get the chance, when a dark haired beauty comes crashing into my plans, seeking sanctuary from our enemies. Now I’m stuck on guard duty, babysitting a mafia princess.

As tensions rise, the flames of desire flicker between us. We shouldn’t cross that line.

I’m too dark, cruel, and sinister for her.

I swear I’ll watch over her, protect her from her anyone and anything but there’s one thing I can’t protect her from: me.