Inked For Life

Author: Flora Ferrari
Category: Romance | New Adult
Total pages: 49

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Inked For Life

I’m inked for life—a red crosshair on my wrist, marking me as a traitor’s daughter.

With my uncle, Nick, I’m forced to attend Cartel parties. I have to prove my loyalty.

I have to prove I’m not like my dad. Otherwise, they’ll do the same to me.

Then one night, at a party, I see him, Damien Dovlatov, the leader of the Bratva.

As a supposedly loyal Cartel girl, I’m supposed to hate him. But the truth is I had a confusing crush on him years ago when I saw him from afar.

He’s taller than I remember, six and a half feet, silver-haired, with wide shoulders, and a primal and possessive demeanor.

I’m sure I feel him watching me. Or maybe I’m just projecting.

He’s the leader of the Bratva, mature, forty-one years old, and so handsome, I could melt.


A Cartel traitor’s daughter. A woman forever marked by who her father was.

A wannabe chef, on the curvy side, with zero experience. Oh, and I’m a virgin.

I make a mistake, one that could cost me my life, I snap at the leader of the Cartel, Gabriel.

Now he’s threatening to kill me.

But Damien steps forward.

“I’ll kill you if you touch her. She’s mine. Mine alone.”

Is it a trick, a way to save my life?

Or are my wildest fantasies becoming real…does he mean it? Does he feel the same way I do?