Something Borrowed (Borrowed Brides 3)

Author: Rebecca Hagan Lee
Category: Romance | Historical | Western
Series: Borrowed Brides
Total pages: 91

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Something Borrowed (Borrowed Brides 3)

If you can’t borrow a bride, why not steal one?
Spinster schoolmarm Mary Alexander is standing at the altar about to marry one of the wealthiest bankers in Cheyenne, Wyoming when her old nemesis Lee Kincaid comes racing up on his white horse to ask for her hand.

What Mary doesn’t know is that the rogue Pinkerton agent with the broad shoulders and sparkling gray eyes is only seeking a bride to honor a friend’s dying wish. When Mary learns that Lee needs a mother for his adorable new ward, she agrees to marry him, but vows she will never succumb to his legendary charms.

But Lee has other ideas, and as the brand new family travels to their new home, he decides to use those charms to coax Mary into trusting him with her life, her luscious body…and her heart.