The Twelve Days of Love

Author: Alexa Aston
Category: Romance | Historical
Total pages: 22

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The Twelve Days of Love

12 gifts of love—with the best for last.

Inspired by the lyrics from The 12 Days of Christmas (a chant and not yet a song during Regency times), Luke St. Clair, Earl of Mayfield, is determined to give his beloved wife of eight years, Caroline, a Christmas she will always remember.

Caroline has fond memories of the chant from her time in Boston with her beloved Aunt Evie, for whom Caroline’s bookshop is named. Luke locates a copy of the book where the lyrics to The 12 Days of Christmas were first published and has their four children memorize the lines to chant to their mother. He then plans, as the lover in the song, to present his countess with twelve different gifts during the Christmas season.

As the twelve days progress, Luke gifts Caroline with a new present each day. His final gift is the best of all, one that changes their family—but not the love between this couple.