When You're Ready (Columbus Falls 1)

Welcome to Columbus Falls, where nothing ever changes...

I serve beers at one of the oldest bars in Montana, and though it’s not the life I would’ve chosen, it’s always been enough.
But lately, a restlessness has settled into every fiber of my being. I feel a need to go. To explore. To discover. But I knew I’d never leave this place. That is, until free-spirited Riley walked into the bar looking for a part-time job. She set me back on my heels, but soon, the adventurous Riley captivated me, making me feel alive in a way I’d never felt before.
When she left—and I knew she would—what would become of my poor, rattled heart?

I spend just enough time in one place to earn a little gas money, and then I’m back on the road looking for something new. That’s the way it’s always been. The way it always would be.
But I’ve never met a man like Grayson. And while the surly bartender stirs up dangerous feelings in me, feelings I have no clue how to process, I know I can’t stay in this small mining town forever.
When the time comes for me to move on, will Grayson decide to play it safe? Or to follow his heart, wherever it may lead?

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