The Savage

Author: Stella Andrews
Category: Crime | Adult | Romance
Total pages: 61

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The Savage

If you're not ready for the pain then don't seek the pleasure because Roses have thorns and thorns draw blood.

Ivan may be my name but I am best known as The Savage.
Born and bred Bratva heir and loving every delicious minute of my life.

That's why it was easy to kidnap the entitled Charlotte Richmond from her finishing school in England.

It was my pleasure to hide her away while her depraved father searched for her.

I have no heart, no emotion, and no morals.
She is a bargaining chip, a means to an end.
I will use her to set my friend's sister free from a madman.
An exchange if you like.

But this English Rose has deadly thorns and she's not going down without a fight.

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