Taking Meghan (Disciples 5)

Author: Izzy Sweet
Category: Romance | Billionaire Romance | Suspense | Erotic
Series: Disciples
Total pages: 100

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Taking Meghan (Disciples 5)

Alexei Rastov is the most vile, evil, despicable man in the world...

And my father tried to force me to marry him.

Dragged down the aisle, I prayed to God, to anyone, to save me from a lifetime of cruelty and abuse.

Then he came... a force of nature...

Disrupting the ceremony with a storm of gunfire and death.

Massive, powerful, and handsome, the enemy of my enemy has promised me his protection if I agree to give myself to him.

But sometimes the devil you know is safer than the dark angel who wants you in his bed...

A Dark Romance.