Return of the Elf Lord

Author: Heidi Vanlandingham
Category: Fantasy | Romance
Total pages: 59

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Return of the Elf Lord

Three People. Two unforgettable decisions. One fate.
Resistance soldier Bernard Marchand would do anything to bring his family back from the dead, but in his desperation to change their fates, he alters history and nearly destroys the world. Faced with the consequences, he's horrified at what he's done—to his family, to Alva, to the world. It was never supposed to be this way.

As a Huldra, Alva should have stolen her partner's life energy, draining him to the brink of death. Instead, she went against her instincts, losing her heart to Bernard as she helped him win the war against a dreaded enemy. But when he inadvertently starts the countdown to Ragnarok as he twists the chords of fate, Alva will have to ignore the fierce ache in her soul as she fights to save them once again.

And that's just the beginning…

Will they be able to focus long enough to save the world—and the Nine Realms—from the unknown foe intent on blocking their every move, or are they doomed to the horrific reality they unwittingly unleashed?

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